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 I am rolling out the first of a new series on this blog (of which I hope to be many), designed to get you in the mood of something wonderful to come!

Valentines, Mood Board

  Simply because, there is nothing like a collage of lovely pictures to get you in the mood.

And, because I needed a really justifiable excuse to spend a couple of hours on pinterest.

Also, because I am a total sucker for drop dead gorgeous photography.

and . . .

Because there is so much amazing talent out there, just begging to be shared.

Because of all the women who not only strive to beautify their home, but the whole world around them.

Because it is really enjoyable to see images that catch my eye and speak to my style.

Because Valentines Day is coming up.

Because a little bit of pink, and a little bit of blue – makes my heart skip a beat.

And because there is so much to love about this day devoted to love 🙂

So sit back and enjoy my hours of searching out the most dreamy images and ideas on the web – all designed to feed your creative juices for this time of year.

Let’s start with a beautiful color palate – the main reason I LOVE V-day.

(All sources listed below the pictures)

Valentine Colors, Mood Board

1. Color  2. Thread Heart  3. Bucket of Flowers  4. Lace Dress  5. Balloons  6. Watercolor flowers  7. Scenery  8. Pink Leaves  9. Sugar crystals

 Here are 10 bee-utiful Valentine crafts, to warm your heart.

Valentine Crafts, Mood Board

 1. Heart Necklaces  2. Re-cycled Hearts  3. Paint Chip Art  4. Nested Clay Pots  5. Doily Wreath  6. Puzzle Blocks  7.  Paper Roses  8. Bottle Caps  9. Glitter Heart Sticks  10. Ceramic Hearts

 10 lovely ways to bring the spirit of Valentines into your home decor.

Valentine Decor, Mood board

 1.  Bowls  2. Pink Couch  3. Door  4. Grainsack Hearts  5. Chair and roses  6. Cups  7. Button Heart  8. Centerpiece  9. Candles  10. Cupboard

 10 drool worthy images of the most delectable food to fill your bellies in February.

Valentine Food, Mood Board

 1. Mint Heart Candies  2. Pomegranate in ice  3.  Red Waffles  4. Cherries  5. Meringue Kisses  6. Heart Pies  7. Macaroons  8. Whipped Cream Hearts  9. Pink Velvet Swiss Roll  10.  Marshmellows

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  1. I’m just seeing this blog of yours and it doesn’t surprise me (as much as it caught my eye on Pinterest) your incredible with what you do – including that little Tidbits RV your working on.

  2. Gorgeous post. I love that you’ve included so much pink. Lots of Valentine posts/gifts/inspiration are focused on red. I love red (actually it’s my favorite colour, but I like an accent colour alongside…usually pink..or a beige.

  3. Stunningly beautiful – all of them! Can’t pick a favorite, so I’m saving all to Pinterest! Stopping by from Show & Tell link party!