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Tell your family and friends “You Are Worth Remembering” with this fun and creative valentine. It’s a fantastic non candy valentine idea. Free printable valentine cards included!

Mini notebooks used for class valentine idea

Hello again! It’s been a fun week over here at the TIDBITS homestead where I’ve been dreaming up and sharing fun valentine ideas for you.

In case you missed any of the others, checkout my Have a Colorful Valentines Day!, How About a Hug, Valentine!, You’re One in a Million!, Don’t Play with My Heart, Valentine! and Stuck on You valentine ideas.

I’m not done yet, because I have another great non candy valentine gift idea to share with you. This might be my favorite valentine idea yet, but then again, I seem to say that every time!

This valentine is the perfect way to show some love this Valentine’s Day. I’m calling it my “You Are Worth Remembering” valentine.

If you need a cute class valentine idea, or even just a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member, this is a fantastic option.

I’ll show you how quick and easy it is to make this “You Are Worth Remembering” valentine and give you access to the free printable card. Let’s go!

For a complete list of all my class valentine ideas, see 13 of the Best Free Printable Valentines Day Cards for Students. You’re sure to find something you’ll love!

"You are worth remembering" valentines with free printable cards

Why You’ll Love this “You Are Worth Remembering” Valentine

This “You Are Worth Remembering” valentine is a favorite of mine because:

  • It’s sweet and meaningful
  • It works for boys, girls and adults
  • Everyone loves getting these mini notebooks
  • It’s useful
  • The cost is low
  • It takes almost no time to put these together
Stacks of printable valentine cards and mini notebooks

How to Get the “You Are Worth Remembering” Free Printable Valentine Cards

To make these cute valentines, the first thing you’ll want to do is get your free printable “You Are Worth Remembering” valentine cards. I’ve made this really easy for you to do. Just fill out the form below and you’ll have instant access to this darling printable along with much more.

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Supplies You’ll Need for This Valentine

To make these valentines, you’ll only need your free printable cards, some mini notebooks and some tape. We used some cute washi tape for ours, but any type of tape would work just as well.

Where to Get Valentine Supplies

The best way I’ve found to get mini notebooks is to buy them in multi-packs.

I have put together a TIDBITS & Company Valentines Moonsift page where you can find the mini notebooks I used for these valentines, along with many other of my favorite valentine products. Check it out for links and full product details.

Putting Your Valentines Together

Once you have your free printable “You Are Worth Remembering” valentine cards and mini notebooks, all you need to do it put them together.

I used a piece of washi tape to attach my cards to the notebooks. Simple as that! If we want to include a to/from on your valentine cards, we just write them on the back of the cards.

And that’s all there is to it! So quick and easy! Now you’ve got some darling valentines ready to delight friends and classmates.

"You are worth remembering" valentine cards taped onto mini notebooks

Other Great Valentine Ideas

Thanks for joining me today to see this fun candy free valentine idea. I’ve got many more valentine projects from years past that you might like. Feel free to look around. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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