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Looking for a candy free class Valentines idea? You’ll love this magnetic bookmark non-candy Valentines idea with FREE printables that say “You have made a mark on my heart Valentine”.

Magnetic bookmarks with class valentines

Every year I try to bring you a candy-free Valentines idea for you to share with your family, friends, kids, or for their class valentines exchange activities. I’ve developed quite the collection!

For a complete list of all my class valentine ideas, see 13 of the Best Free Printable Valentines Day Cards for Students. You’re sure to find something you’ll love!

FREE valentines printables for class valentines

I’m pretty excited about this year’s fun idea that my kids helped me come up with!

We get together with a bunch of homeschool friends and families and will enjoy an exchange and Valentines activities. I know there will be plenty of treats – as most Holidays bring – so I like to provide a fun little gift that is candy and sugar free!

magnetic bookmarks candy free valentines

We all read so many books these days with our newfound homeschool freedom, and are obsessed with these darling magnetic bookmarks that clip on your page. They come in so many colors and varieties!

vintage book with magnetic bookmark

I found a very affordable bulk pack that I believe would work great for a class gift. They had tons of perfect Valentines colors to choose from.

candy free class valentines

I have noticed a quality difference between a bulk pack and smaller packs. But I think they all serve the purpose well enough!

I’ve actually bought quite a few as I am planning to gift them for birthdays with birthday cards. They work great if you have to send a birthday card in the mail!

collection of magnetic bookmarks

I had a little extra space on the printable page, so I added a cute Valentines bookmark that could also be fun to use and gift.

bookmarks for class valentines

Clip one or many magnetic bookmarks on the Valentines card, and I am sure this will be a hit!

candy free class valentines ideas


To save on ink, I recommend sending these to a print shop and asking them to print on cardstock.

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In addition to the links above, I have set up a TIDBITS & Company Valentines Moonsift page. On that page you’ll find links to the magnetic bookmarks pictured in this post, along with other of my favorite valentine products. Check it out for full details!


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  1. Hi, Cami, You can ignore my plea for help. I discovered the password should be entered in lower case. I was entering in all caps – oops! I am off and running with valentines for my grands, and the squishies are on order via your Amazon link. Thanks!! Kim

  2. Hi, Cami, I love your DIY valentines!! I wanted to use the Squishy valentine from a few years ago, but I am not finding a link to the printable. I also tried clicking the link at the bottom of your email, but when I enter the password for the library, nothing happens. Could you help me please? My grands depend on me to provide valentines for their classmates. 🙂 Thanks, Kim