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It’s time to share our finished European Farmhouse Style living room reveal and answer the questions I have gotten about the design and sources from this space.

Painted vintage hutch with beadboard fronts

It dawned on me that I had never truly shared the reveal for this living room space. I have shared design ideas, updates, fireplace makeovers, thoughts on our Frame TV, coffee table decor ideas, fall decor, and an Old World Christmas tour and Old Fashioned Christmas tour. But never a true reveal of the space.


I believe I get a bit more detailed and raw about it all on my video, but feel free to find the linked sources in my text.

Truth be told, I feel like I’ve been playing and tweaking with this space to help it feel good to me for the last 2 years. I believe I’ve found a place of current completeness and can move on for some time while we focus hard on other spaces left to be finished.

European Farmhouse Living Room

Since it is currently winter, and my decor feels very neutral and unseasonal, I thought it would be a great time to share with you all the details.

linen slipcovered couch with pillows

As I’ve shared glimpses of it here on the blog and on Instagram, I’ve gotten some questions. As I reveal images of our pole barn living room, I’ll take this chance to answer some of those frequently asked questions.

side table with books and flowers

Do you like your Six Penny Couches?

I waited a long time to save up for and to get this furniture shipped to us! I had never seen them in person or sat in them, but Sixpenny had me at 100% linen slipcovers. I ordered samples to select the colors and absolutely fell in love with the texture and nubby beauty of the linen. I just can’t get enough of the natural beauty of linen.

The big sofa is Sixpenny’s “Wyatt Sofa”, which they have since discontinued. I wanted a big comfy deep sofa that would face the TV and I loved that it had such gentle curves, to balance out the other boxy furniture.

Six Penny furniture Review

While I think it is a lovely sofa – truth be told – it’s a little difficult to get out of. The one piece cushion sinks back and to the middle leaving you feeling like you have to dig yourself out of a hole. It’s very comfy if you intend to stay there for a long time!

I do like that once I have pillows on it, it is still deep enough to sit on without moving the pillows – but of course kids can never leave a sofa pillow well enough alone! Haha!

six penny couch vintage bookshelf

The slipcover has not disappointed me, and I’m still madly in love with the color and texture. You can see more about my color selections on this post. But as far as comfort, my family is not a fan and my husband especially wished we had something that propped us up more and felt more supportive.

The smaller sofa is Sixpenny’s Gabriel Sofa. Again, the yummy oatmeal linen slipcover is what my dreams are made of! I do find the slim, simplistic shape of this sofa very beautiful . . . but as far as comfort goes . . . I fear it is even worse than the Wyatt. At least for a living room lounge spot. Let me clarify –

linen throw blanket with linen pillow

Pros: The single cushion seat has held up amazing! It doesn’t seem to lose its shape at all, even after a year. I love how it has held up and even the back cushions fluff right back up and look new even after being jumped on over and over.

The design and shape is lovely. My kids love to prop up some pillows and lay on it vertically to read or watch TV, and it is the perfect size for kiddos!

Cons: It has a really deep seat and very low back. It is truly awkward to sit on and to try to lean back. If you are going to stay propped up while having a small conversation with someone, it works. But to lounge and relax – this is not the sofa I would recommend.

I would recommend it if you had a formal living room perhaps. It might also work great in an entry or transition space where you need a nice formal and less bulky sofa.

I do love the style and fabric of Sixpenny sofas, I just wish there was a way to sit on them and test them out before buying! I’d love to explore the comfort of their other lines.

I hope that helps if you’ve ever wondered about my furniture! It’s such a big financial choice for the home, and I fear I didn’t get it quite right. We are not in a position to change them out any time soon, so we will make them work and I will love on the linen to enjoy them!

Is the Coffee Table Antique?

This beautiful, rustic and full of character round coffee table has brought this question a number of times. You might know how much I love antiques, but this is not an antique!

European farmhouse furniture

I actually got it from Amethyst home in a collaboration with them. They have such beautiful curated collections that are full of character. I can’t seem to find this exact table there any more, but this is the most similar piece online that I have been able to find:

I do love this round coffee table and love that it also helps bring in some curves and movement in this rather boxy space. They may or may not have this table any more, but be sure to check out what they do have!

white lillies

Is that a wool rug and is it vintage?

This is a 100% wool rug from Plush Rugs. I LOVE the color scheme and pattern and how it helps ground the space with some contrast and hides any foot or paw prints.

Pole Barn home Living Room and Design

It is not vintage but vintage/antique rugs are often made of 100% wool, so that appealed to me. I knew it would last a long time.

Is that a working fireplace?

It is not, but we have an outlet up above with the plans to add an electric fireplace some day if we want to. My husband also built it so we could turn it in to a genuine wood burning fireplace should we desire or need that some day.

Living Room European Farmhouse design

We didn’t do it originally because there are so many restrictions about wood burning fireplaces in our area, and I am a little paranoid anyway.

I do enjoy playing around with what I put in our Faux Fireplace, and for now it is the perfect little resting spot for our pup – so a fireplace dog den it is! I love this cute basket dog bed.

beautiful Basket dog bed

Is that art or a TV?

Both! It is the Frame TV, and this is possibly the last project I am still hoping to get to. I’d like to buy or make a prettier frame to surround the TV, but I just love how it displays art and sits flush to the wall.

the frame TV art with fireplace surround

Having a TV on the focal spot is not my ideal, but this was certainly the only space for it in our home. If you want to hear more of what I think about the Frame TV, I wrote a detailed post on that.

Where did you get that mantel?

We made this “faux” European Cast Stone fireplace mantel surround. Check out the details!

European Farmhouse fireplace surround stone

Where did you get that piano?

I got this piano on Facebook Marketplace for free! It is 100 years old and after I paid for a tuning up, it plays so lovely!

I have 2 kids that love piano, and having it here in the living room has really encouraged them to sit and play many times a day. I don’t think it is the most ideal spot as far as design goes (feels a little bulky and heavy here), but sometimes lifestyle trumps the need for better design.

Vintage piano in a European Farmhouse living room

I do my best to make it pretty with what I use as decor on top. I try to keep my decor clean, simple and meaningful for us, since it is such a focal point and a well used spot in this space. Here is where I found the lovely sketch of Jesus Christ.

Simple decor for the top of a piano

Do you make pottery? Why so many pieces?

I often get asked about the pottery pieces throughout this room by those who come to visit in person. They are usually curious to know if I make pottery!

Collection of white pottery on fireplace mantel

While that is a very big bucket list talent I hope to have time to develop someday, I just really appreciate a unique piece of pottery, ceramic or croc and always have my eye on a good deal and pieces that I will love. I usually come out of an antique or thrift store with something to add to my collection. (This is the only piece I have actually made)

collection of dark pottery on mantel

I find them wonderful to decorate with and gather together, and also they are very useful for storing things in and using as vessels for my florals.

vintage pottary with flowers

I won’t spend too much on them, because they often get broke in a house full of kids! In fact, this one fell and busted shortly after my photo shoot by some sweet little children who felt bad about it.

Side table decor flowers in a vintage pot

I just know not to spend too much so I don’t get upset about the loss.

white lillies in a vintage vessel

Where did you get those shelves?

Those were another Facebook find, and were not very pretty when we got them. They are pretty cheaply made, but were very affordable when I needed something big to fill this spot.

Thrifted bookshelf makeover

Some paint and elbow grease did the job, and they are a favorite around here! I love that I can display my pottery collection and use the lower section to store all my sewing supplies. Check out the full makeover project here.

(Link to Big Chandelier)

Where did you get your double dutch French doors?

Oh, these lovely front doors. It was the biggest splurge for us while building the main structure. I just really love a good show stopper door!

round coffee table with vintage pot of flowers

We love the dutch style and the double french door style! We left the glass frosted so visitors wouldn’t be staring right in to our living space. But I love to open them up on good weather days and take in our whole view.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good source for them as we worked with a local company to design and build these custom doors. I’m not sure what company they used to actually build them so I can’t link that for you. This purchase is the only custom thing we have ever done and I don’t regret putting the money there, even if it means we still have to slowly save for other spaces to be finished.

How did you find curtains that long?

With 12 foot ceilings, finding curtains long enough for this space would have had to have been another custom expensive purchase. Luckily, I know how to sew and could do this myself and save a lot!

Linen curtains and textured shades

Good news for you – you can too! I shared the tutorial for these lovely linen pinch pleat curtains that look totally custom. Sewing curtains is so much easier than you think!

Where did you get your pillows and throw blankets?

I’ll link the sources where relevant – but I try to go for linens with a lot of texture. To me, they are the cherry on top for any room, and the more texture, the better.

beautiful European design living room

Where did you get those chairs?

I originally got these for my daughters room, but then we found a much better chair for her space at a thrift store! I’ll show you soon!

Vintage grain sack as decor

I tried these chairs in the living room and loved them!

Blankets on the back of chairs

Where did you get that light fixture?

We found this fixture at an antique market and my husband rewired it.

Where did you get your flooring?

I’m ending with perhaps the most popular question I get, all about my floors!

Oh, how I love these wide plank wood floors! I love the medium wood tone. I love that they are a real oak wood surface. The color hides footprints, scratches and “stuff” so well! I just think they are the most gorgeous foundation for this space and we have them all throughout the house, except for the bathrooms.

Vintage Blanket hutch

I got them from Floor & Decor, and they are European Oak Wire Brushed engineered hardwood. Check out their whole collection in person in a store if you can. All the colors are lovely!

I think that sums up most of the questions I get. If you have another, please ask in the comments below and I’ll try to update the post as I can.

Thanks a bunch for reading today and taking some time to check out my living room!

You may also enjoy seeing other spaces in our pole barn home, that we have built from the ground up. So much more to come yet so be sure you are subscribed!

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  1. What is the name of the lovely bluish cupboard to the right of your fireplace? Gorgeous, adds just a touch of soft color.

  2. Hello Cami,
    your living room is simply very beautiful.
    you discuss quite interesting things about the European farmhouse living room.
    I’m waiting for the next one.

  3. Cami! I love your living room!! It’s gorgeous and feels so inviting!! I completely agree with you on the bucket list thing. I told my husband he could buy me some pottery class for Christmas someday. But until then I’ll just appreciate all the pottery!! Thank for all the beautiful inspiration!! ❤

  4. Hi Cami,

    Your living room looks so beautiful and inviting. Calm and curated would be the words that come to mind. I love the shelving units, they do not look cheap at all. Re the piano, you could always paint it!