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These DIY Snow Covered Pinecones are simple enough for the whole family to make, and can be used in a variety of ways in your home decor all winter long.

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I love projects and home decorations that can be enjoyed all through the Holidays and into winter.  Our home always feels so empty when all the Christmas decorations come down, and it’s nice to be able to leave some of them up for a couple of months longer.

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

These DIY snow covered pinecones are simple enough for the whole family to help make, and can be enjoyed all winter long.

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

They can be used in a variety of ways.

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

Here I’ve tucked them in a vintage style tool box with some faux foliage.

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

I’ve also added them to our Christmas tree this year and several other places where a little something more was needed.

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

Let me show you how easy and affordable it is to make these DIY snow covered pinecones.

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

If you have a little one handy – this is the perfect mom and kid friendly kind of project.  She was a perfect little demonstrator for me as well 😉

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones


  • Pinecones
    • As many as you need.  I found a large bag for $1 at my thrift store, but this time of year you can usually find them around trees for free.
  • Glue
    • I had Titebond on hand, but Elmer glue or modge podge would work just as well.
  • Fake snow
    • I grabbed a small bag at Hobby Lobby for cheap, and it gave me plenty to work with.
  • 2 paper plates
DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

First, pour a generous amount of glue onto one paper plate.

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

Then pour the snow on the other paper plate.

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

First dip the pinecone in the glue where you would like the snow to stick.

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

Then roll the glued pinecone around in the snow.  Place the pinecones on a protected surface to dry.

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

And it really is as easy as that.  Once they are dry, you can shake or tap them to let the excess snow fall off, and then use them around your home as needed.

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

Before I go, if you love projects that you can do for yourself, while letting the kids help – here was another great one for me and my little sweetie.

Hanging Clay Stars - Simple Christmas craft and home decor, great for kids and adults.

These hanging clay stars look beautiful and were enjoyable to make with my daughter.  That’s a double win!  Find the tutorial, HERE.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones - a perfect project for the whole family and lovely home decor that can last all winter long.

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