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White Living Room Inspiration

I’m excited to show you a bit more of what our white living room looks like after the Holidays came down.  It’s been really nice starting with a clean slate again and trying to only add things that I really really loved and brought freshness and cleanliness to our white living room.

I did show you some inspirational images for what I hoped to bring into our winter decor, and I already showed you how our entry way came together for the winter.

I kept everything minimal in our living room as well, adding touches of greenery and vintage goodness.

White Living Room Inspiration

I went to a new antique store in town, having exactly in mind what I wanted to find for the mantel.

White Living Room Inspiration

Low and behold – they actually had it!  That rarely happens!

White Living Room Inspiration

I couldn’t help but visualize old chippy white windows on top of my mantel, and was thrilled they had some for me to choose from.  Although, the hubs couldn’t believe I would pay money for old windows.  😉  I know it is a bit of a trend right now, but it is one I really enjoy.

White Living Room Inspiration

Something about the open simplicity of it is really refreshing to me.  I also was hoping to find a few antique crocks, and I just about knocked over a display with my excitement when I spotted them.

White Living Room Inspiration

I was even more excited when I saw they were less than $20 each.  That’s pretty good around these parts for antique crocks.

White Living Room Inspiration

I still love the warmth and texture from my DIY tassel throw blanket.

White Living Room Inspiration

And I’ve kept out my DIY grain sack pillows as well.

White Living Room Inspiration

Our gas fireplace has come in real handy this year, when our furnace died in the middle of the night.  Twice.

White Living Room Inspiration

We’ve all been known to plop right by it’s warmth.

White Living Room Inspiration

Being the dead of winter, I really wanted to infuse some life into this space – and some plants have really helped with that.

White Living Room Inspiration

Some are fake (from Hobby Lobby), and some I’ve managed to keep alive for 6 months!

White Living Room Inspiration

This little corner cubby is a favorite piece of mine.  It was treated to a serious clean-out and houses my favorite magazines beautifully.

White Living Room Inspiration
This open spot above our TV is somewhat of a challenge to work with.

White Living Room Inspiration

We have thought long and hard about making doors for it, but for now I just plopped a plant there.  What do you think?  Does it need something more?  Something less?  Should we make the doors and just hide junk behind?  I’d love your thoughts if you have some to spare!

White Living Room Inspiration

It’s been very nice to take things back to the basics.  I like to keep this room as clutter free as possible, so that my loved ones that use it daily, can truly shine.

Kids Being Kids Jan-1

This living room is their play world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kids Being Kids Jan-4

Kids Being Kids Jan-5

My greatest hope is always that you’ve gained some inspiration for your own home in these images.

Real quick, I thought I would throw in the fireplace “before” image of our living room last spring – so you can see what a difference white can do.  I’m quite partial to it.  😉


Thanks again for being here!

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Wow so so stunning! That white made such a difference to your fireplace. and I love the chair in the corner with the grainsack pilow. Pinned!

  2. I love the white one white style, this is beautiful! Thank you so much for submitting your project to this week’s Monday Funday Party. We’re featuring your project this Sunday!

  3. Beautiful living room! Love your style and how much you care for your home. Can’t wait to see the next transformation

  4. I really like the open space in the TV cabinet. The plant looks perfect there. It is good that you can see through it. That allows the space to feel more open. I think that if you put doors on it, it would become too “heavy” looking. I think it is the perfect display area for seasonal décor and love the ways that you style it!

    1. Thank you so much for your input! It is appreciated more than you know, and I think you are right on about the doors making it look too heavy.

  5. Lovely room – like less is more after the bustle of holidays and decorations. Like all the textured pieces – the tasseled throw. Like the open area above the doors. I’d leave it open – perfect place to tuck a treasure that might need to be up and away but visible. Good job!

  6. You have really created a happy place, Cami. Looking at the photos of your light and airy farmhouse style just makes me smile. I love everything you’ve done with it. Cheers, Ardith

  7. Love the fireplace much better done in white. No, I wouldn’t put doors over tv. I would like the opportunity to decorate it . The plant looks good but I’m sure you will be changing it periodically.?

    1. Thank you so much for your input on my living room! Yes, the fireplace is much improved with the white tongue and groove.

    1. Good to know! Thank you for taking the time to share your input and thoughts with me. I always appreciate it!

  8. Love this space! White makes the room look big and bright – important for winter months especially. What about a couple of quilts folded up on the shelf above your t.v…

    1. Thank you so much! I agree – winter needs all the big and bright spaces we can bring it! And I can’t thank you enough for sharing the idea to add some quilt folds! Wouldn’t that look amazing! I think I might have to make a couple of quilts just for this purpose 😉 Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. I just love that idea!

  9. The fireplace is beautiful. The whole room is so pretty and welcoming. I like the space above the tv open and used as a display area but if you need closed storage another door would work too.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your input on my living room! I think I do agree with you and I’m glad it is working just as it is.

  10. (mouth hanging open) – Cami, your before picture got me! That’s quite the transformation. Did I miss that post or just forgot? I seriously want to whitewash the brick of ours but the hubs says no. ugh. I am trying to neutralize my walls, etc. as all my furniture has some color. I’m wanting to buy a new slipcover for the sofa in a neutral too. I just love the peaceful feel of neutral spaces and yours is so inspiring. I love old chippy windows as well; there’s just something charming about them!

    I’m still decluttering. I don’t know where all this stuff came from. Guess that’s what happens when you’ve been in one place a long time!


    1. Haha! Close the mouth Cecilia! You are so sweet 😉 The previous living room is a pretty old post. We’ve made small changes here and there to that space, and slowly getting it to where I hope for. Keep working on the hubs for the whitewash. Brick can really be pretty that way. I actually tried to white wash the stone before we took it off, but it just wasn’t working. And holy smokes – slipcovers for my couches is the next goal. Major decor mistake to buy non-slipcovered light couches with 4 kids. They are looking pretty bad. And ya – still decluttering here too. Life time pursuit!

  11. The plant is just right for above your tv. I’d leave it like that unless you need more storage. Love the antique windows!

    1. Thank you for your input on my living room! I’m so glad the plant is working. I have to fight the urges to add “more” because simple works best most times.

  12. Wow, I love your before and after! What a transformation. I also love the french grain sack pillow! Beautifully done!