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Looking for the perfect organic side sleeper pillows that might work for you? Let’s explore inside and out of these 3 pillows made for side sleepers.

3 organic side sleeper pillows to consider

If you are a side sleeper, it’s going to be really important to find mattresses and pillows that help you keep your spine aligned as much as possible. 


Otherwise – as you may already know – you may wake up with a crick in your neck, tight muscles, numb arms and hands, headaches and of course – you’ll sleep terrible.

Savvy Rest knew my hubs and I were side sleepers, so they sent me 3 of their organic pillows to try and I’d like to tell you about them.

*This content is sponsored by Savvy Rest, all opinions are my own.

PILLOW #1: The Organic Kapok Body Pillow

This body pillow is amazing! 

pillows for side sleepers

Why are body pillows good for side sleepers?

Body pillows in general are helpful for side sleepers because they:

  • lift your legs and hips up to help support that spine alignment
  • they can help to relieve a lot of pressure for your lower back and hips
  • they help even out the weight distribution which improves your blood circulation while you sleep  
  • they are particularly helpful if you are pregnant or are recovering from injuries

The hubs hurt his lower back recently, and this Savvy body pillow was a heaven send.

What makes this Savvy Rest organic Kapok pillow unique?

It is filled with this super fluffy and soft material called Kapok.  It is a cotton-like fiber that comes from the ceiba tree which is common in tropical climates like mexico or west africa. 

kapok pillows

It’s covered with 2 casings made from organic cotton.  

kapok pillow fill

This all means your head is not resting on any synthetic material that might otherwise cause chemical off-gassing, irritants or allergens. 

I talked more about why organic bedding is important in this post all about our organic mattress, if you want to check that out for more information.

An adjustable organic side sleeper pillow made just for you!

To make this body pillow even better, you can actually easily remove any of the Kapok fill to suit your fluffy preferences. 

Savvy Rest deliberately over fills their pillows so that you can adjust as needed to suit your body.  You can hang on to that extra fill in case you ever want to fluff it back up again – or if you think like me, it’s absolutely lovely stuffed in a vintage basket for some cozy fall decor.

basket with kapok

PILLOW #2: The Savvy Rest Organic Kapok Pillow

If the idea of the adjustable organic Kapok body pillow sounded nice, Savvy Rest also makes one to rest your weary head. You can get the organic Kapok pillow in standard, queen or king size.

organic side sleeper pillow

What I’ve noticed about side sleeping on this pillow is how well it does to keep my neck aligned.  The kapok is fluffy and soft, but it doesn’t sink down like most other pillows do. 

So once you pull out or add the perfect amount of kapok in your pillow to reach your comfort level, your head stays put.  I actually had to remove a lot of filling to get it to where I liked it, but my husband preferred every inch of the kapok in there since he has quite broad shoulders. 

organic pillows for side sleepers

It did a great job for both of us to keep our neck aligned with our spine and I particularly noticed that I had less pinching under my arm and therefore my hands didn’t go numb while sleeping.

PILLOW #3: The Savvy Rest Organic Latex Soap Shaped Pillow

This pillow is made from the same dunlop latex that is in their organic mattresses, like we have. 

pillows for side sleepers

If you are a side sleeper that likes a lot of support with just a bit of give, you may like this one.  I personally found it to be a little too low for me, but my kids have given it a try and have loved it.  I now can’t get it back from my 11 year old. 

My suggestion here would be to look into this pillow if you are smaller built or if you are looking for a long lasting organic pillow for your kids.

Save Money On Your Organic Side Sleeper Pillows

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More Organic Pillows to Choose From

You may want to explore the other organic pillow options at Savvy Rest, since there are a few more varieties filled with organic wool, some mixed with shredded latex and more.  I  hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these 3 organic pillows perfect for side sleepers! It would help me a ton if you would pin this post to your pinterest boards! Thank you!

3 organic pillows for side sleepers

Looking for more ideas for your bedroom design and decor?

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