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Spring has sprung in our home, and I’m pleased to share glimpses of our living room and kitchen in this Spring home tour.  Also, find out 15 ways you can delight your family with the coming of Spring.

Big thanks goes to Rachel from Shades of Blue Interiors for organizing this event, Country Living Magazine for being our wonderful and supportive co-hosts, and of course Homegoods for sponsoring this event.  Together, we get to do amazing work!!!

Spring home tour by TIDBITS, and 15 ways to delight your family with the coming of Spring.

Have you ever experienced the joy and wonder in the faces of your family, as they have come home to changes in their familiar surroundings?

Spring home tour by TIDBITS

My first notable experience with this was last Fall, as I was gearing up for a Fall home tour.  Now mind you, as a blogger, our home shifts and changes frequently, but something was different about this particular Fall day that has stuck with me.

closeup of spring flowers

I was actually in a bit of a time crunch, so the kids hadn’t witnessed me making any seasonal changes in our home yet.  So I took advantage of the time they were in school and busted out some last minute Fall decorating.  I swapped and fluffed and moved and hustled . . . and was no where near prepared for the magic that was going to happen when they walked in the door.  Nor were they.

spring home decor in living room

But the second they walked in, they all starred and wondered.  They walked around and commented on the fun changes.  And before we all even realized it, there was a magnificent energy floating about our house as the children started dreaming and chatting about all the Fall festivities that were coming and the sights, smells and tastes that accompanied the seasonal change.

Spring home decor in living room

My mind made many subconscious notes that day, and has since pondered on the importance and power we have as homemakers to delight our family.

closeup of spring inspired paintings

The coming of new seasons naturally bring excitement and are often attached to memories.  I suggest we all take the energy of the coming of Spring, and create a marvelous haven in our homes where our family can come and find changing and enjoyable surroundings that excite and rejuvenate.

Spring home decor

I am thrilled to share 15 simple and inexpensive ways you can delight your family with the coming of Spring.  They are not only concepts I’ve had wonderful results by applying, but they each relate to the 5 senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, hear).  We know that the more senses you can involve, the more likely they are to remember and hold dear.

Spring home decor in living room


If seasonal decorating overwhelms you, swapping out your pillows and throws can be the easiest yet most impactful change you can make.

Spring home tour by TIDBITS, and 15 ways to delight your family with the coming of Spring.

This is where you can introduce the color palates you prefer, and can be a super quick and easy creative outlet for you.

pink and white spring inspired throw pillows

I always check my stock first, and then may introduce a few new items.

pink and white spring inspired throw pillows

I never spend much on throws and pillows, and Homegoods is by far one of the best places you can find a huge stock of inexpensive, name brand pillows and throws.

wooden laundry basket with blue blanket

I’ve also found pillows and blankets at antique or thrift stores.  After a good washing, they are wonderful!  This lovely antique quilt only cost me $30.00!!!  I use it as display on our banister.

antique blanket from thrift store made as decor

I also discovered Jolie Marche shop from Instagram, and she has a jaw dropping collection of decorative pillows, like this French Market one.

spring inspired pillows


plant on white marble pot

Spring is about new life!  Unfortunately, winters can be harsh and it may take mother nature longer than you to catch the Spring bug.  We have forced bulbs in our home and brought in some growing plants to help us get through the dormant months.

plant on white marble pot

Just planting a small seed indoors can create magic and wonder in children.

Spring home tour by TIDBITS


Take a look at your walls?  Are they empty?  Have you been starring at the same pictures for eons, that your eyes don’t even notice them any more?

That’s a problem folks 😉  And new seasons bring a wonderful opportunity to swap out the art in your home.

This Spring, I decided I wanted floral art on my walls.  But being a cheapo and DIY’er by nature, I decided I had plenty of that already available to me because I love to take images of flowers all the time!

Spring home tour by TIDBITS

I picked some of my favorites and sent them to the printer.  These images have added new life to our walls and is often the first change people comment on.

Spring home tour by TIDBITS

I know not everyone has nice images at their disposal, which is why I decided to make these available to you at a price you can all love!

I just launched my photography shop today, and I’m thrilled to provide 20 of my favorite floral images to use in your homes!  You download them immediately and send them to the printer to print on any size you prefer.  You can make a whole wall collage or frame one small print in a area like the bathroom, to add new life and interest to your spaces.

flower power collections

You’ll be amazed how everyone’s eyes will suddenly see the fresh art you have on the walls!

I’ve also provided bonus stationary options for this product, which make for one of a kind cards for loved ones.

Find out more about my newest launch HERE.  This is a new product line for me, which is why this trial offer is incredibly low in cost and won’t last long.  I can’t wait to see how you use my prints and I really hope this is something valuable for you!


Spring home tour by TIDBITS, and 15 ways to delight your family with the coming of Spring.


white flowers for spring

Smells are one of the most memorable aspects of each season.  When you think of Spring, what smells come to mind?  For me, it is flowers and fresh cut grass.

white flowers for spring decor

While we are waiting on the fresh grass 😉 , I decided to bring some very fragrant flowers into our home.  I love to catch my kids with their noses pressed to the petals as they inhale.

white flowers for spring decor

I also have been diffusing fresh smelling oils like lemon and grapefruit in our home.  Candles are another wonderful way to bring in seasonal smells and ignite or create memories.

white flowers for spring decor

white flowers for spring decor


furniture shifting living room

My husband has official diagnosed me with furniture A.D.D.  I can’t stand a couch sitting in the same spot for too long 😉  It is really so fun to throw your family off their routine a bit, by moving furniture around.  Not to mention, it is such a wonderful way to refresh a space.  This Felicity slipcovered couch from Joss and Main has been in just about every spot of this room, and she looks good at every angle.

spring inspired decor in living room

I love accent chairs for their ease of moving as well, and this Joss and Main French accent chair is sure to see many angles itself.

spring inspired chair for the living room

If you’ve followed me for very long, you’ve probably seen some of our pieces out of the deck, then in the entry way, then to the living room . . . but what more affordable way can you think of to refresh a space then to just move things around!?

spring flowers in living room


colored eggs decor in living room

Coloring these boiled eggs were somewhat of a compulsive decision one day while the kids were at school.  We love to color eggs as a family, but my kids love bright, bold and a mash of colors for their egg adventures.

colored eggs decor for spring

My kids will eat boiled eggs like candy, so as I was preparing an after school snack, I decided to color them first to really make things exciting.  But this time, there was no one around to tell me “they couldn’t all be light blue, mom.”

colored eggs decor for spring

To dye them, I just filled a cup half full of white vinegar, put just a drop of blue coloring, and dipped the egg in for just a second.

colored eggs decor for spring

The kids were delighted to see colored eggs already, and the excited chatter for planned egg dying already began.

colored eggs decor for spring


Nothing, and I repeat nothing, feels better to me than a clean space.  What can I say . . . I am my mothers daughter.

Spring home tour by TIDBITS, and 15 ways to delight your family with the coming of Spring.

A good clean and a round of decluttering can perhaps be the best thing you can do for your family this Spring.

Spring home tour by TIDBITS, kitchen area

They won’t appreciate it as much as some of these other ideas, but when you can spend less time indoors cleaning and picking up and more time with them enjoying the outdoors, it will most likely be your biggest delight this Spring.

Spring home tour by TIDBITS, kitchen area


Spring home tour by TIDBITS, pantry area

Winter can sometimes drain us of our resources, so take the chance now to restock and refill your most used items.  For us, that was filling up our stock of dry food storage, restocking each bathroom with extra toilet paper, refreshing the linen closet, cleaning out old art supplies, swapping seasonal wardrobes, putting away the bulky boots and coats, and other much needed organization.

Spring home tour by TIDBITS, pantry area

I even went as far as swapping out our plastic dollar store dishes on our open shelving for these beautiful new plates, cups and utensils from Homegoods.

Spring home tour by TIDBITS, kitchen area

These tasks feel as refreshing as the first warm day after Winter.

Spring home tour by TIDBITS, and 15 ways to delight your family with the coming of Spring.



I ran into my sweet neighbor (aka – baker extraordinaire) while out and about, and she offered to make me her famous macaroons to compliment my Spring home tour.  My poor children may have a decorated home, but they rarely get to experience gourmet treats.  I should have recorded the looks on their faces when they came home to these one lovely Spring day.


Like they say, the best way to a persons heart is through their belly – so if you really want to delight your family, surprise them with a treat they have never experienced before -whether that means a trip to the bakery, hours in the kitchen, or moving to my neighborhood so you too can have the worlds best baker at your disposal. 😉

spring inspired macarons


fresh soap for bathroom

With kids running around outdoors, the need for soap has never been greater.  I love, love, love new hand soaps and pretty little dispensers.  It’s a small obsession.  Homegoods feeds that obsession with their unique and lovely supply of labeled soaps.  The fresh and new smells delight us all!

closeup of spring flowers


Spring home tour by TIDBITS, kitchen area

With 4 kids running around, our towels get pretty dingy looking in no time.  I can’t justify a whole new set of hand towels every season, but I will buy a couple here and there to bring in a pop of Spring color and feel oh-so-good to the touch.  You can always find fun seasonal ones at places like the dollar store or Walmart, but Homegoods also carries a rotating stock of beautiful seasonal towels.


Besides the delectable macaroons above, you can bring in other seasonal foods that may feel special to your family.   Just placing a bowl of fruit out is a special treat in the spring.

Spring home tour by TIDBITS, kitchen area

These discounted lemons have been nice to squeeze into our water, and my kids beg for croissant deli sandwiches all the time, so I placed these pastry delights in this lovely marble tray cloche from Homegoods, and we all enjoyed a light Spring dinner that evening.  I’ve been keeping fresh bagels or muffins in here for a quick breakfast that makes us all feel like we are in a fancy hotel. 😉


fresh spring flowers on top of kitchen counter

If you’ve already swapped out the pillows and throw blankets in your home this Spring, there is one more recommendation that I would give for easy Spring decorating.  That of course, is flowers.  Make them faux, make them real . . . either way they are instant Spring gratification.

fresh spring flowers on top of kitchen counter

Besides snagging grocery store flowers on occasion, I’ve also gotten to know my local floral shop well.  They have revealed to me a bucket of older flowers that they keep, and they give them to me for 25 – 50 cents a stem.

fresh spring flowers on top of kitchen counter

So don’t hesitate to ask your florist for the best deal on flowers that they have.  Then go home and create your own masterpiece arrangement . . . which can be as simple as snipping and placing in a vase.  Flowers don’t need a whole lot of work from you to be show-stoppers.

fresh spring flowers on top of kitchen counter


Subtle touches of Spring decor in the bedroom and entry way. TIDBITS Spring home tour.

I already showed my Spring master bedroom in THIS POST earlier, but I thought I needed to add the suggestion to lighten the bedding as the temperatures warm up.  I took out the extra blanket we added to our bed, and plan to do the same for the kids.  They will notice the change, and it will delight them as they realize what it represents.

I also found some beautiful clearance sheets, with a lovely laced edging at Homegoods, for only $20.  A new pair of sheets is so refreshing after the Winter.

Subtle touches of Spring decor in the bedroom and entry way. TIDBITS Spring home tour.


Finally, to delight your family with the coming of Spring, plan a wonderful family activity.  For us, that was going on our first evening walk together since last Fall.  Or head to the park, pick up a treat from the Gas Station, visit the zoo, grab an ice cream . . . whatever it is that your family loves to do!

Spring home tour by TIDBITS, kitchen area

I encourage you to pick a few ideas off of this list (or work on all of them), and sit back and enjoy the wonder and delight it brings to your family.  You will feel joy and love you never thought possible with the coming of this wonderful season!

spring inspired macarons

Spring home tour by TIDBITS, pantry area

Lastly, be sure to snag my first Photography Collection “Flower Power”, at this amazing trial offer!  I sincerely hope you will enjoy it!

flower power collection


Please stick around for a bit, and visit the homes of my dear friends.  They each have supplied ideas, tips, or DIY inspiration to help you fill your idea tank.  You may also want to check out Country Living’s article for our tours!

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  1. (Pssst…those are macarons, not macaroons. I only know because my dear friend -whose sister had just opened a macaron bakery -set me straight.)

  2. Great tips for sprucing up your home decor this spring. My go to is always to switch out home textiles; it is an easy way to make a drastic change plus they are functional. Switching around your wall decor is also a great idea, less expensive but still makes your space feel refreshed.

  3. This is beautiful! I especially love the part about changing out the art to make a difference. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous! I love your photography Cami and your home is just beautiful. It’s styled to perfection for spring. And I wish I could help myself to a macaron!! They are my all-time favorite treat. 🙂

    1. Beth! Thank you so much for saying so! You’re home is looking like Spring perfection in my book 😉 XOXO!

  5. Cami, all so beautiful. I love how light and bright your home is. Your photography is beautiful and I LOVE your new prints. Thank you for the gorgeous tour. x

  6. Your home is so beautiful! I am loving all your gorgeous fresh blooms and your new prints. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  7. GREAT post! I enjoyed everything about it! Very inspiring! My favorite tip is bringing in fragrances of the season. I need to go out and get some new melts for my warmer. Your home is lovely.

    1. This makes me so happy to hear! Smell makes such a difference! Which is why I hate steaming broccoli 😉 Wish you the best!

      1. Yep, steaming broccoli is definitely one of those things that gets the whole family wrinkling their noses, until they know what it is! ;-

  8. Your house is beautiful and so inviting.. Thanks for the tour.. Your flower power is also amazing.. Great job.

  9. Wonderful!!! Everything looks so beautiful. Love the photos, I will be checking them out and congratulations on the shop. BTW, love the pillows, I looked the one on your bed with the puffs on edging up the other day at Hobby Lobby but couldn’t find the larger square ones you had with it. Now I see them again, are they Hobby Lobby. We don’t have a HL locally so I do my shopping with them online. Also love the pillow with the soft pink one, it has French script or something on it and a beautiful white ruffle, may I ask where you got that one too?
    Again, congratulations,

    1. Thank you Candy! So pleased you enjoyed the tour! Yes, all the pink pillows were bought at Hobby Lobby. Last time I checked online I only saw the one with the pom poms, but if you can’t see the regular square ones, I suggest sending them a note with my links and see if they can’t get them for you somewhere. That has been successful for me in the future. The lovely one with the French Script was from a gal who makes custom pillows. Her online shop is called Jolie Marche. You’ll love it! Thank you again!