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I’ll be the first one to admit . . . I have no idea how I have such amazing, talented friends.  This blogging venture has opened my world up to people and relationships I never would have found otherwise, and whose friendships I treasure.

It’s a bloggy blog world out there, and to have support and encouragement from others who know the challenges and possibilities is vital to surviving.

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book Review

Having said all that, I want to share with you an incredible accomplishment my dear friend Liz from Love Grows Wild has recently completed.  She has officially added the title “author” to her resume, all because of this stunningly beautiful, newly launched book – A Touch of Farmhouse Charm.

(Find it on Amazon HERE)

*This post contains affiliate links.

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book Review

Flipping through the pages of this book was like opening a window to her heart and her Farmhouse lifestyle.  If you love simple, meaningful, vintage, rustic, and charming decor – you will go nuts over this book!

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book Review

Liz has been an inspiration to me for years, and meeting her at Haven Conference was a genuine pleasure.  For her to give me the opportunity to review her book for our readers was something I was more than happy to do.  Her eye for styling and photography that you see on her blog, carries through to every beautiful page of this book.

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Collage |

The book is filled with 70 DIY projects that you can do for each room in your home, to bring in Farmhouse charm.  My brain was on creative overdrive after flipping through the pages.  When I came across her brilliant painting technique for authentic looking chippy furniture, I had to give it a try right away.

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book Review

And how perfect that I happened to have a old wooden step stool ladder sitting in my garage from a yard sell find this summer.

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book Review

The text and images from the book were very helpful to get the look I wanted for this ladder all along.

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book Review

This stool will be perfect at the end of my bed.  We have a rather thick mattress and it is difficult for the 2 year old to sneak in our bed in the middle of the night without a stool.

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book Review

Who needs a good nights rest when there are cuddles to be had anyway?

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book Review

I can guarantee I’ll be using her chippy paint technique on several pieces through the years.

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book Review

It worked like a charm!

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book Review
Now head on over to Amazon and get a copy for you and for every design and DIY loving friend or family member on your Christmas list.  Or feel free to forward this post over to your significant other, as an oh-so-subtle hint hint.  Can you just imagine flipping through this book on Christmas morning?!

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Book Review
Big ol’ congrats to Liz for this incredible accomplishment!  I’m so dang proud of you!

And a second big ol’ thanks to Page Street Publishing for helping us get this beautiful book in our hands!


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*This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you!


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  1. Sleepover in my bed! Heck yes!! HAHAHA! Not awkward at all 😉 It was my pleasure to share the book Liz! Wish you the best.