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I hope you’ll be inspired by my new baking cupboard organization, enjoy hearing about my process and take advantage of my free “Baking Cupboard Essentials” printable checklist.

I want to share with you my organizing process in hopes to inspire you to tackle a cupboard or closet that needs a bit more beauty and function for your life.

STEP ONE:  GATHER & FOCUS The first thing I did was gather all the containers I currently had and wrapped my head around what exactly I wanted the purpose of this space to be.

STEP TWO:  EMPTY & CLEAN After you’ve gathered all the containers or bins you have and want to use, it’s time to empty that cupboard or space completely.

STEP THREE:  GROUP Once all the items are out for you to see, it’s time to group like items.

STEP FOUR:  PLAN At this point, with all the junk all over the countertops and spread out everywhere, it is easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed.