Choosing and Installing Laminate Flooring

Don’t get stuck with flooring you don’t love! With all the affordable faux wood flooring available these days, choosing and installing laminate flooring can really improve your spaces.

Why oh why oh why did I wait so long to make the decision to switch our flooring?! I’ll tell you why. For years I stared at our odd orange striped engineered hardwood flooring, hating every second of it.

But every time I suggested to anyone the idea of replacing it, they always said, “Don’t ever rip out hardwood flooring”. So I lived with it – trying my hardest to decorate the rest of my house in the light and bright style I wanted.

 The orange flooring seemed to throw off every design decision I would make. No size of rug and no image crop could hide it’s clashing reality from me.

I learned 3 notable things about Floor & Decor when my husband and I went to tour the store.

1) Did you know there are free design services at each store?  

Yep. You just head over to the showroom and there will be an in-store interior design specialist just waiting to help you with any design decisions. On Saturdays you can head over and they have a free class to teach you how to install flooring!

2) See it. Buy it. Take it home.

It’s unreal to think you can make your selection and they will have it all available for you to take home right then and there. They do their best to stock enough material so this is possible. We were able to bring home 1000 square feet of flooring the same day we bought it!

3) It’s possible to spend 5 hours at a flooring store

It truly is. It’s flooring heaven after all, and there is a lot to choose from! We almost came home with flooring we didn’t need, just because it was beautiful and on clearance.


The particular item we choose was called “Hampstead Rustic Timber Whitewash Laminate“. The benefits of laminate flooring include a variety of finishes, easy install, durable, and of course, how close they come to looking like wood without the cost.

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