I want to share our experience and methods, in order to help others determine if feather finish concrete countertops are the right choice for them and to aid in any research in the matter.

My hopes are to help you compare different methods and successes/failures to give you all the knowledge you need before you tackle this DIY project.


My husband bought some plywood and built up our countertops to be about 2 3/4 inches thick.


Then he made a flat edging with 1 x 4 pine ripped down to 2 3/4 inches and screwed in place. This had the structure of our new countertops in place.


Once we were ready to spread on the concrete, we did A LOT of testing on sample wood pieces. We decided to use the Home Depot brand as it was cheaper and local.


The hubs gathered a bucket, a trowel, the grout, and a feather finish. He mixed 1 part feather finish to 1 part grout and added water in the bucket until it was a somewhat runny consistency.


It would thicken up quickly on its own, so he had to work fast once he poured on the surface. He would occasionally add more water to the bucket if it started to thicken too much.


He came to find out, it was best to use his fingers to press the concrete on the corners and edges, nice and thick. It didn’t look pretty for the time being but was easily sanded smooth later on.

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