DIY Painted Antique German Sleigh Bed

Let me show you my process and results from working with Fusion Mineral Paint for the first time on our DIY Painted Antique German Sleigh Bed and talk about how I decide if a piece is best painted or left alone.


- Tray - Sandpapers  - Cleaning cloths - Staalmeester brush - Roller bush



The guide said if my piece had a varnish finish, to give it a light sanding first, which is what we did. The microfiber cloths from the kit were great for wiping the dust and dirt off the piece before painting.



I mostly used the Staalmeester brush, which did such a good job at getting the paint inside the detail and crevices. On the long sides I used the roller brush.



I found for the sanding and chipping part, I needed a stronger grit of sandpaper than the soft grit that came with the kit I dug through the garage to find a variety of grit to play with.

The more gritty sandpaper did a great job at chipping the details and edges just how I wanted. I went along all the parts that I felt would naturally chip over years of use, and any parts where I wanted the detail to shine a bit more.

Then I took the less gritty sandpaper that came with the kit, and ran it lightly over the entire painted surface. It left the paint finish so buttery smooth and soft to touch.

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