An entry way is the first thing people see when they walk in your house. I really felt it was important to create a simple space.

Just don’t look too close. We still need some crown molding and a coat of paint on the ceiling, but I couldn’t wait any longer to call the space finished and snap some pictures.

You will get to see more of the dining area, as soon as we wrap up a few projects in there.

I painted it chippy white so the colors of the items on it would really stand out. Matching it with the walls seems to make it take up even less visual space, which is nice in such a small area.

That is also where if found the old wooden box. It took some serious elbow grease to remove the years of mechanics grease on it, and then the beauty really came out.

As we have discovered in the year we have lived here, and entry needs somewhere for guests to hang their belongings. I found some old wood from our backyard, and had him cut it to size.

I found some blue canning jars at the local grocery store (a new item put out by Ball canning company), and hubby found a cheap way to put them up.

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