How I Clean Laminate Flooring With No Chemicals

Wood or Laminate flooring can be a bit tricky to clean. Discover how I clean laminate flooring, with zero chemicals and with my favorite mop of choice – the Norwex Mop System.

The Norwex Mop System allows me to clean and shine up our floors, without the fear of damaging them with too much moisture – and it does an A-MAZ-ING job of it!



This mop system comes with an adjustable mop base, great for floors, walls, ceilings, and to adjust to child size heights. The yellow microfiber dry mop pad does an amazing job at picking up dirt and debris.


The blue wet pad is lightly moistened with water and rung tightly. This method will wash and clean your floors, leaving them to dry completely in 30-60 seconds, which is ideal for wood or laminate flooring.



The wet pad, and other Norwex products like their rags, are unique because they are tightly woven with silver. Silver is a natural antibacterial agent, which means you can rinse your rags and hang them to dry.


The silver will go to work killing the bacteria inside the rag – which means no more stinky rags (which is life changing) and you can use your rags for longer before you have to launder.


I use my mop at least 2 times before washing, and my rags are used for 3 days before being changed out. I only need about 2 kitchen rags per week! Before Norwex, I was switching out my rags multiple times a day after they were soiled.

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