How-to Make an “Antique” Cutting Board

I will be sharing how you can take a piece of old wood and create an antique cutting board that looks like it’s been loved for centuries.

I’d like to show you the steps to making a cutting board as quick and as easy as it gets, and the tools that can help you do that.


First, choose a piece of wood. Hard woods – such as maple, birch, oak, walnut, mahogany – are great for cutting boards. But you could use whatever you please if it is for decorative purposes only.


Trace your pattern onto the wood. A pencil will do just fine.


Next you will cut out the pattern. My husbands power tool of choice is a scroll saw, but he says a jig saw will work as well.


At this point you’ll have a nice shape, but you’ll probably want to work on the edges. To get a nice rounded edge he used a router.


Then you’ll want to take and sand the entire surface. This step really helps to clean up the old wood and refresh it a bit.

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