Old Fashioned Christmas Tree Cut From The Mountains

Be inspired to bring the Holidays back to simplicity! Let me show you our old fashioned Christmas tree decorating ideas!

We cut this Christmas tree from the mountains and decorated with handmade and natural ornaments reminiscent of a “Little Women Christmas”.


I decided it would be fun to see if we liked our big tree at the end of our hallway this year.

We recently finished all the trim and paint in our hallway, finally completing something I’ve waited to do for a long time! We are just building and finishing each space in our pole barn home, as time and money allow.

The glow at night is quite dreamy, with or without all the hallway lights on. It’s been really fun to have it by the bedrooms and my kids love the glow of the tree shining in their rooms as they drift off to sleep.

This year, we’ve added the most adorable Cavapoo to our family, and even our sweet Teddy loves to sit by the tree. Of course, it’s also because of him that we can’t put any edible items at the bottom of the tree.

Thankfully he has left the gifts “mostly” alone. I opted to get some simple packaging paper in black, red and brown to wrap all the gifts and tie them with string. It’s very simple and elegant, and was extremely affordable.

I placed our little wooden train that I thrifted last year at the base of the tree, which is a sweet little addition that my son loves to fill with his toys. So cute!

My favorite touch is always the sweet linen ribbon bows with long tails. I think it feels so perfectly “Little Women” inspired. I sell all sorts of linen ribbon colors in my TIDBITS Linen shop!

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