Peaches and Cream Steel Cut Oats with Cinnamon Maple Drizzle

If I were of royal status and could have a steaming hot breakfast ready for me everyday after a hard morning run this is what it would look like: a tower of soft, eggy french toast, stuffed with warm, sweet peaches.

Since no one is cooking for me in the mornings, and no restaurant has been able to perfect my royal breakfast, I created this: Peaches and Cream Steel Cut Oats with a Cinnamon Maple Drizzle.


It all begins with a hearty serving of pressure cooked or slow cooked steel cut oats.


With the Fagor Lux Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker, you can simmer your Peach Compote until thick and glossy, and then make this steel cut oat recipe at high pressure first thing in the morning.


After you’ve served up your bowl of piping hot oats, plop a Frozen Whipped Cream dollop right in the center.


Watch as it melts into a glorious, mouth watering pile of cream.


Next, you’ll want to warm up your Peach Compote and be as liberal as you wish with your serving size.

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