DIY Reversible Chalkboard & Whiteboard

Looking for an easy fun craft to make, that the whole family will enjoy? Try your hand at this easy DIY reversible chalkboard & whiteboard – no power tools necessary.


– Wood  – Craft knife/blade – Chalkboard Paint  – White milk paint – Krazy Glue – Whiteboard sticker paper


Unless you were able to find the right size of frame wood pieces at the store, you can easily cut the thin pieces with a craft knife. Use a clear ruler and safe cutting surface to score the wood piece on both sides.

You’ll then be able to bend and snap the piece off. It will leave a rough surface, so use sandpaper to smooth the edges. If you have a saw, and would prefer cutting the pieces that way, that works great too.


Keep in mind, you’ll need 8 frame pieces total for both the chalkboard and whiteboard sides of the board. Measure and cut 4 long pieces and 4 smaller pieces, accounting for the corner cuts.


Lay them out on your base board piece to mark and make sure your measurements are accurate before you cut.


I like to use white milk paint to give my wood a white washed/stain look without the stronger fumes from wood stains.


Use a rag and dip a corner into the milk paint (any brand with work), and rub into the wood, following the wood grain until you’ve achieved the look you desire.

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