Curved Dotted Line

I made a reversible pillowcase for each of my 3 daughters. Well, because I am a woman and I can’t make up my mind when I see lots of pretty fabric.  So I bought it all and had to use it.

Also, because I love to change my mind and switch things up every now and again. And because I like to delight my children.

MATERIALS: - 1 yard of fabric in 2 varieties So buy 1 yard of the 2 types of fabric you wish to have on each side. - 46 inches of Trim This is optional.  I used lace around the opening of the pillowcase.

INSTRUCTIONS: First, prepare your fabric by pre-shrinking it.  Simply throw it in the washer and dryer.

Next you need to get your fabric on grain.  To do this, fold your fabric selvage edge to selvage edge.  Snip in about 1 1/2 inches off one end and rip all the way.

This will leave a frayed edge, so cut the end off about 1 inch in to get your edge nice and even. Then you will need to cut your selvage edges off.