With the options for DIY, budget friendly, and splurge blinds – there is no need to hate your RV windows for another second!

Yes, I’m showing you what we put in our RV, but I promise you will love their products in your home as well.

I’ve had several of their window treatments in our homes and adored the look of the faux jute roller blinds in our master bedroom, as well as the textured woven shades I had in my office.

First, and the most budget friendly option, is some handmade curtains. I simply sewed 2 layers of pure linen fabric together with a casing for the bunk area of the RV.


I opted for this for a few reasons.

1 – The windows were so very tiny. It really didn’t make sense to buy blinds for such small windows.

2 – The bunk area windows hardly had enough wall room to even hang a roller blind of any sort, and the size of a small curtain rod was about all the wall space we had available.

3 – It looks way cute! Linen to coordinate with their beds, and my kids can easily open and close them when needed.

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