The Gift of Enjoyable Dish Washing

Give the gift of enjoyable dish washing, by compiling a beautiful arrangement of favorite products to make doing the dishes feel more like a visit to the spa rather than a chore.

The only thing us Moms probably do more of than social media is dishes. Upon this realization, I decided my fate was not to escape this chore, but to aim to make it more enjoyable.

First and foremost, I would want these gloves. They are latex gloves, but have a soft cotton lining which means my hands don’t smell like rubber after washing dishes or doing nasty jobs.

Next up is dishwasher detergent. It’s good to know that my dishes are washed with soap that is plant derived, made with natural minerals, smells good because of essential oils.

Next up is my new essential porcelain sink cleaner. I’ve always used straight bleach on my porcelain sink because nothing else seemed to whiten it.

Next up, I love these Walnut sponge scrubbers. I mostly think the color tones are just super pretty, but they work great for scrubbing those stubborn burns off of pans.

Then I just have to have my yummy smelling all-purpose spray. New scents each month! I love it to add a freshness to my counter tops or to scrub the appliances. And dish soap, of course.

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