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Providing a Force of Nature Nontoxic Cleaner review on the quality of the product and how we use it to clean our home. Learn more about this EPA-registered disinfectant that’s made with just THREE ingredients!

Force of Nature spray bottle that's filled with disinfectant spray

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What is Force of Nature?

Force of Nature is a product that makes a multi-purpose, non-toxic cleaner by combining 3 common household ingredients (salt, water, vinegar) with electricity. As a result, you have a bottle full of spray cleaner that kills germs and eliminates odors while making your surface sparkling clean.

Force of Nature spray bottle that's filled with disinfectant spray and placed next to mop

But does it work? How does it work? Is it safe and effective? Is it cost-effective? What does it smell like?

Let’s chat about these 5 questions and more that I first had when my little sis sent me that enthusiastic text so boldly proclaiming that I would love Force of Nature.

How does Force of Nature work?

First up, how does this work? How in the world does this mini cleaning appliance give salt, water, and vinegar super cleaning and disinfecting powers?

Force of Nature spray bottle that's filled with disinfectant spray next to stovetop

I’m going to explain this to you as I did for my 7-year-old because that is about my level of chemistry understanding. But you can dive deeper into the science on their website.

Alright, here is how you make this non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner.

Force of Nature spray bottle that's filled with disinfectant spray

How to Make Force of Nature Cleaner

Created by TIDBITS
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Follow these step-by-step instructions to create Force of Nature's cleaning disinfectant.


1.) Fill with filtered water

  • You want to fill the electrolyzer to the fill line with water. It is best to use filtered water, so I just fill it up with my Berkey water filter. You may need to buy bottled water if you don’t have a filter system, especially if you have hard water.

2) Plug in the electrolyzer

  • This nifty device is going to make the cleaning solution for you. Such a breeze!

3) Pour in the salt and vinegar solution from the carefully measured capsule

  • These capsules have the exact measurements for accurate results. It's really important that you use these capsules because otherwise, you'll end up with a solution that could be more like bleach than this gentle cleanser.

4) Push the button

  • Now it's time to watch Force of Nature do its magic which only takes a couple of minutes!

5) Pour the solution into a spray bottle

  • The last step is to pour it into a spray bottle to use. The starter kit comes with this bottle, but you can use any bottle you have at home as well.  You could put it into smaller bottles and keep it in each bathroom, or in the car, or in your purse.
Force of Nature spray bottle that's filled with disinfectant spray

Did you make this?

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What’s in the Force of Nature cleaner?

Let’s talk quickly about what it is actually doing here with all these bubbles.

Force of Nature spray bottle and electrifier filled with disinfectant solution

So you have water which we know is 2 hydrogen molecules and 1 oxygen. Then salt is sodium and chloride. The vinegar is simply there to lower the acidity of the solution to give these molecules the right environment to work their magic.

The electrolyzer sends an electrical current to break the molecules apart, and then they bond together in 2 new teams! The first is sodium hydroxide, which does a fantastic job at cleaning up a mess and making your surface look sparkling clean.

The second team is hypochlorous acid, which is what kills the germs, including viruses, bacteria, and odors. I think it is so fascinating that you can create this gentle, nontoxic solution that works as well as bleach and other sanitizers in killing germs.

By the way, I love their little guide that is in the pamphlet “for kids only”.

pamphlet provided by Force of Nature

How effective is Force of Nature?

The Force of Nature cleaner is EPA tested and registered for use as a sanitizer in homes, hospitals, schools, etc, and reported to kill 99.9% of bacteria (think meat contamination) and viruses (yes, even covid). All the testing is done by a third party, so I feel pretty good trusting these statistics.

hand holding Force of Nature bottle that's spraying the cleaner in the kitchen sink

How long does this solution last?

You might be asking why you can’t just buy this solution at the store. They don’t sell it that way, because this solution weakens quickly. You have 14 days before it won’t have the cleaning power that it needs, which is why you need to make the solution yourself at home when you are ready to use it.

Force of Nature spray bottle and electrifier filled with disinfectant solution

This is actually not new technology, but before Force of Nature made it available in our homes, it had to be done with large expensive machines. I’ll also add, I easily go through the solution before 14 days are up, with just general daily cleaning in my home.

How much does Force of Nature cost?

The starter kit costs $56 and comes with the electrolyzer, a spray bottle, and a handful of capsules. However, that is a one-time purchase and then all you need after that is the capsules. You can buy the capsules in bulk on the Force of Nature website or through Amazon, you can subscribe so they always come at a certain time interval without you thinking about it.

Force of Nature spray bottle that's filled with disinfectant spray

Even after buying the starter kit the first year, you are only spending about 7 cents an ounce, much lower per ounce when compared to other “natural cleaners”. To see what I’m referring to, they break down the costs.

Once I figured that out, I felt much better about spraying it whenever and wherever I felt like it.

But be sure to use my coupon “TIDBITS40” to save 40% on the starter kit or any bundle deals!

Is Force of Nature really safe?

Force of Nature is particularly safe for kids and pets. Compared to other name-brand cleaners, it’s free from allergens, fragrances, dyes, preservatives, skin irritants, and respiratory irritants. You can learn more how Force of Nature compares to “natural cleaners” here.

I’m happy to report that I have been using it heavily for 3 weeks, and we haven’t had any issues with headaches, itchy skin, or irritated sinuses. To top it off, it does an amazing job at making my kitchen, bathrooms, floors and surfaces look sparkling clean with a home that smells so fresh. I really hope you have the same experience because I am hooked and so happy to have found a cleaner that can work for just about everything.

What can you clean with Force of Nature?

Our Force of Nature review wouldn’t be complete without sharing with you how we use it in our home! Here are a few surfaces and items we clean on a regular basis.

Kitchen Sink

Ours is heavily used with 4 kids and 3 meals a day, so it is always dirty. I’ve been so happy to see that force of nature has worked great for my nightly sink scrub-down after dinner and dishes. It leaves it sparkling clean! It also works safely on the wood, marble, and polished nickel surrounding it. I feel pretty good knowing that it is also disinfecting, especially after I’ve been cooking with meat.

Force of Nature spray bottle that's filled with disinfectant spray next to kitchen sink


I love using this spray on toilets AKA the bacteria playground. I’ll actually spray the whole throne inside and out and let it sit and work while I clean the rest of the bathroom.

Force of Nature spray bottle that's filled with disinfectant spray and placed on top of a toilet

I’ve also been known to just do a quick spray down, several times during the week, focusing on the flush handle and seat.

Pet Messes

We had a mama cat go into labor in our house, after the kids let her in. Umm, wasn’t prepared for that magic and mess, but Force of Nature sure was! It took care of all the odors I needed it to.

Sports Equipment

It is soccer season, and boys stink.

Force of Nature spray bottle next to a pair of shoes

I feel like Force of Nature has saved my mud room with just a quick little spray inside stinky shoes and cleats.

Frequently Used Surfaces

I’ve been spraying all the countertops and table surfaces after we use them heavily, particularly after dinner.  I love how shiny it makes everything look and it feels great to wake up to a clean and fresh kitchen every day.

Cleaning Brushes and Makeup Brushes

I loved the idea to spray and disinfect the brushes in the home. I’ll do a quick spray frequently on our dish scrubbing brushes and makeup brushes. I can only imagine how much bacteria are on those, and both my daughter and I feel like our breakouts have been a little more in control since we’ve been doing that.

Force of Nature spray bottle that's filled with disinfectant spray and placed next to bathroom sink


Our floors get filthy. We really need to get some landscaping done so my kids aren’t dragging in mud and dirt all the time! They look so clean if I use this spray on my Norwex mopping pad, and the entire home smells amazing after the mopping is done now.

Force of Nature spray bottle that's filled with disinfectant spray and placed next to mop

Hand Sanitizer

Can you believe this is safe enough to use in place of a hand sanitizer if needed?  I’ve been keeping a small bottle in my car for when we feel like our hands may need it, and I’ll also spritz down my phone and computer keyboard when I feel like it has been heavily touched and germified.  

I’m just ecstatic about the potential and how versatile this product is. I feel like it is the last multi purpose cleaner I will ever need!

What does Force of Nature smell like?

When my sis first told me about it, I immediately wanted to know how it smelled, as I really didn’t want the vinegar smell after a good clean.  

Her words were “smells so fresh and clean!” That pretty much sums it up.  You might compare it to a chlorine smell, but it is nowhere near that strong and overpowering. I’ve had house cleaners help me out on occasion, and while they leave the house smelling clean, it is very overpowering. This is just a subtle fresh scent that makes you know something is clean.  I had to resist the urge to drop in some lemon essential oil, as the website suggested we don’t add those, since it messes with the whole chemical composition of the carefully formulated product. I’ll still keep my essential oil room and linen sprays handy so I can still enjoy a lemony fresh home when I want to.

Did you like our Force of Nature review? Here are a few other products we use and love and some of my favorite cleaning posts! Happy Spring Cleaning!

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