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For the My Memories Suite Giveaway and day 1, click here.
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Day 3:  Make a Collage
I know there are many sites that help you create collages for your blogs, websites, or other personal uses.  My Memories Suite helps you create collages quickly and easily while offering a variety of different looks as well.
All you do is select a template and start inserting the pics.
You can add any text or numbering you would like after that. 
I thought I would mention, we’ve made an offer on another home and re-designing it to my liking has been on my mind constantly.  It is like a disease.  A very exciting disease.  So I thought I would make a collage with inspiration I’ve seen around the web.  Maybe it will help me sleep at night.


I’ve also discovered a strange obsession to doors.

1         3     4     5     6
I now know where my go to source for collages will be.  I may be enlisting the help of My Memories Suite again to help me organize my thoughts for the living room, bedrooms, laundry room . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
So far not a ton of entry’s for the giveaway.  Your chances are pretty darn good at this point:)
Just Saying . . . 


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