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Let’s go over my favorite non-toxic laundry products and detergents, that won’t leave your skin irritated and that actually work!

non toxic laundry products

I’ve had quite the journey learning about non-toxic and more natural products for our home.

While my passion was born out of necessity, I’m so grateful to have discovered these 4 natural and non toxic laundry products that are so much better for our health, environment and skin.

non toxic laundry products

I hope to save you years of experimenting, by offering you our absolute favorites that accomplish all these things for me:

  • non toxic laundry products that leave our clothes smelling clean
  • non toxic laundry products that actually work and get our clothes clean
  • non toxic laundry products that have natural ingredients
  • non toxic laundry products that don’t irritate our skin
  • non toxic laundry products that won’t break the bank


To hear me talk in greater detail about each one, please watch my video.


While I’ve tried many brands and even tried to DIY our own laundry detergent, I have found the most success with this brand called DEFUNKIFY.

non toxic laundry products

I recently discovered this brand when I was trying to find out why our clothes smelled kinda funky with all the natural detergents I was trying.

I’ve been using this detergent for over a year and am so pleased with how wonderful our clothes smell – naturally. I have been so excited about it, I tell all my sisters and friends when the topic comes up.

My favorite scent is the lavender but the lemongrass and fresh air smell great. They only use essential oils to scent their detergents, and we can easily tolerate those and we love them.

You can also choose to get their free and clear – which have no scents.

non toxic laundry products

I particularly love the fact that this detergent works great with cold water. That is better for our clothes and helps to reduce our usage on our propane tanks.

I opt to buy it straight from Amazon and stock up when I can. I like their liquid detergent best, but if dry works better for you they have that too.


I adore wool dryer balls! You can get them on Amazon too.

wool dryer balls non toxic laundry products

Wool dryer balls work great for many reasons:

  • They speed up dry time because they help toss your clothes around and circulate air
  • They reduce static, naturally
  • They are reusable and can last for years
  • You can add more natural scent to your laundry by dropping essential oils on the wool dryer balls

My favorite combo is to do a drop of lavender, lemon and peppermint essential oils. I also like any citrus smell and for cold months I’ll add cinnamon or clove essential oils to the ball. Here are the places I like to buy essential oils for this:


Bleach is out of the question for me – it makes me so so sick! I also don’t like to have it in my home and worry about kids getting into it.

non toxic bleach alternative for laundry

But sometimes our laundry needs a bit of whitening power and I’ve found great success with these natural bleach alternatives.

That is really all I have in my collection of non toxic laundry products. It is truly all I need!

non toxic laundry products

Keeping your laundry products natural and simple is such a sanity savor, and finding ones that work for your family can save you so much in the long run.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to read about other natural products and changes we have made in our home, you may enjoy these posts as well:

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non toxic laundry products

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  1. Loved this post and the Fall Oils connections somehow, I missed before. Wondering what you think of the OxiClean products for whitening. I’m guessing they are not good.
    Thank you for all you do have learned a ton from you.

    1. Glad you saw it! OxiClean works really good . . . but they do have harsh chemical. I do keep a small bottle for old linens that I buy from thrift stores. Just don’t use it on everyday clothes and bedding.