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All it took was a weekend spent with my sewing machine, and our master bedroom bedding was complete.

DIY Master Bedroom Bedding - for a serene, relaxing space.

Sweet dreams have never been so sweet.

We have lived with thrown-together bedding for longer than I care to admit, and it has truly been a joy to custom make each piece of our bedding to match our exact vision.

DIY Master Bedroom Bedding - for a serene, relaxing space.

If you are just jumping in, we have set-off to completely revamp our master bedroom – which I showed the before glimpse HERE.  I talked about that drop-dead-gorgeous headboard my incredibly talented husband whipped up HERE.  I’ve been sharing examples of things that inspire me for this space HERE, HERE and HERE.

When the time came to dress the bed, I just couldn’t find exactly what I wanted any where – even for prices I couldn’t afford!  So what’s a DIY gal to do?

DIY Master Bedroom Bedding - for a serene, relaxing space.

Make it herself – of course.

I’ll have to admit, I enjoy sewing – but it is not my top favorite hobby of choice.  However, I’m extremely grateful (especially in moments like this) that I have cultivated the skill and can tackle DIY projects like this.

It all started with the bones of the bedding.

This “Bed in a Bag” from Linenspa is affordable luxury at its best and was a great place to start.

Master Bedroom Bedding

I received 2 pillows, a fitted sheet, a top sheet, 2 pillowcases, and the down comforter – all discounted at $129.79 !

That is such an incredible deal, especially after living with these products for some time.  To me, they feel like high end hotel bedding.  I love all Linenspa products (mostly THIS pillow) and would highly recommend them for any of your bedding purchases.  I am lucky enough to be an affiliate for this company, and they have been great to work with!

pssst . . . use the promo code “TIDBITS” to save 15% off.  Your welcome.

DIY Master Bedroom Bedding - for a serene, relaxing space.

The down comforter was particularly useful in this package.  It is lightweight enough that it doesn’t add too much bulk, yet full enough for the cozy factor (because that is super important).

When making the duvet cover, I was absolutely certain I wanted linen.  I have for years.  Beautiful, textured, soft, luxurious linen.  So I headed to Joann’s to find some white linen.  Well, I found 2 tones that I loved and decided to make it a reversible/coordinating duvet.

DIY Master Bedroom Bedding - for a serene, relaxing space.

On the top I have white, and a soft brown on the reverse side.  Linen can be pricey – but I used coupons and spent near 90$ on the fabric.  That is quite possibly the most I’ve ever spent on bedding, but after viewing pre-made linen duvets running the cheapest at $150-$200, I knew DIY’ing it was still the best option.

And don’t you worry – I have tutorials for all my DIY bedding coming up in the next 2 weeks – unless I can’t get out of bed 😉  It’s been super hard lately with such dreamy bedding.

DIY Master Bedroom Bedding - for a serene, relaxing space.

After the duvet was in place, I could finally envision the pillows in my head.  I wanted it pretty simple – and white to not compete with the headboard.

DIY Master Bedroom Bedding - for a serene, relaxing space.

I added lace to my “bed-in-a-bag” pillowcases (tutorial for that already posted, HERE), and then threw together this super simple grain sack stripe long decorative pillow.  (Bought the pillow form on Amazon, HERE).

DIY Master Bedroom Bedding - for a serene, relaxing space.

I wanted it to look pretty frayed and similar to a true vintage grain sack – so I faked it the best I could with some bleached drop cloth.  Took all but 30 minutes to finish, and I really really like it.

DIY Master Bedroom Bedding - for a serene, relaxing space.

Then I had some fun with a frayed ruffle technique (I made up as I went) and turned some linen into lovely romantic pillow shams.

DIY Master Bedroom Bedding - for a serene, relaxing space.

My 3 girls are smitten with them and it’s been a challenge to keep them in my room!

Finally, I made great use of my bleached drop cloth stash (which was supposed to be used to slipcover my couches), and made a ruffle-y, flow-y, texture-y, bed skirt.  If I broke down the cost of what I used it would probably be less than $10 dollars for the skirt.  Sweeeeet!  (I had to make up for the expensive linen somewhere).

DIY Master Bedroom Bedding - for a serene, relaxing space.

Once that was all complete I was pretty happy with the turn out.  But something just seemed to be missing and I couldn’t stop thinking about the lovely flannel fabric I saw while at Joann’s.  I hadn’t imagined flannel in this space, but once I marched into that store and grabbed my 2 yards, then slapped it down on the foot of the bed – it all felt perfect.  Proof that if you just add the things you love into your home – it will work out.

Master Bedroom Bedding

It is still just a piece of fabric, but I plan to make it into a cozy fluffy blanket to place there for good.  I call that flannel my “pièce de résistance” – when it comes to our bedding.  It all just made sense after laying it down.

So now . . . we are going to squeeze in painting walls, some thrift store nightstand makeovers, a little light decorating, add some glamour lighting – and hopefully feel even more ahead before the week is up.

One can hope.

I’d love to hear what you think! – and keep an eye out for those tutorials coming your way if you have a bed that could use a face-lift.

Thanks for reading!

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*This post contains affiliate links.  Rest assured I only recommend products I use and love.

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    1. I just love to hear when my tutorials are helpful for someone and they are actually making it! Thank you for taking the time to tell me! Best of sewing luck to you!

  1. I love it all, everything looks beautiful and restful. I especially liked the touch of flannel on the bed, it just
    finishes the look!

  2. You did a great job! Score on the linen fabric! You are so right , it would of been major money to buy already made.
    Looking forward to your tutorials. Curious as to how soft the drop moth duvet cover is. Did you use fabric softener after you bleached it?

  3. Love the headboard! I could use that in my master bedroom and then pickle the pine nightstands and dressers! I had white in my bedroom 40 yrs ago and am ready to put it back! I’m going to look at the way your husband built this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sewing isn’t my favorite thing either but I am so glad my mom insisted I learn! Your duvet and pillows look wonderful! And $90 for a linen duvet is cheap! you definitely can’t buy one that price. Still love your headboard – I’m looking forward to seeing more of your room.