This incredibly simple DIY project will help you maximize cabinet and cupboard storage and organization. Gain vertical space and avoid the stacking mess with these easy DIY Cabinet Shelf Risers.

Bringing in my favorite ivory dinnerware collection to the RV made my heart so very happy.

In order to maximize our amount of cabinet storage space in our RV, and avoid going crazy by stacking too many things on top of each other, we got his DIY on, and made these shelf risers.

Simply 3 pieces of wood cuts, and a handy Kreg Jig, these shelf rises come together in minutes!

Don’t feel like you have to have an RV to make use of this project. I plan to use them in our future home as well, as I have truly come to love the looks and convenience of these shelf risers.

Perhaps you’ve seen the metal plate/cabinet risers in stores? I find these wood ones are much sturdier and I like that it is a solid piece of wood, which ensures that what you stack on them doesn’t dip into the metal slots, leaving items tipping and waiting for disaster inside your cabinets.

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