How To Make A Window Curtain Work For A Shower Curtain

No need to check the bath section when searching for a shower curtain. Here is a guide on how to use window curtains as shower curtains.


I was using a shower liner so the actual fabric would not get wet and ruined.

So I knew I had to line up my fabric panel with the grommet rings in the shower liner. I just laid them on the floor, lining up the top edges.

The problem I faced, and you might face, is that the width of the window curtain was not as wide as the shower liner.

My shower curtain hangs on a curved rod, so the 5 or so inches that was left of the shower liner, I hung on the center of the curve for both panels. That way it is easily hidden.

If you have a straight curtain rod, you may need to pleat the liner by simply putting two of the grommet holes onto one of the shower hooks which will shorten the width.

If you have a fabric covering the liner, I don’t see that as being a problem. Then I marked a little notch onto my curtain panel where each grommet hole matched up.

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