Holder for Cellphone and Accessories

Knock the socks right off your man by surprising him with this stunningly simple DIY Cell Phone Stand and Accessory Holder.

Let us now walk you through every step of the way to build a cell phone stand and accessory holder.


- Wood Glue - Wood clamp - Wooden Dowel pieces - Piece of wood cut - Drill with drill bit the same diameter as the dowel pieces

1. To mark where you want to drill the holes for the dowels, use the smaller piece of wood already cut, which was approximately 3/4 inch.

2. Line up the smaller piece with the bottom of the larger piece and use a pencil to mark. Then line up the same piece of wood on the long side of the larger piece.

3. Repeat on the other side. Clamp the smaller piece to the front of the larger piece so that there is an 1/8 of an inch distance from the bottom of the large piece.

4. This will allow you to drill through the larger piece and into the smaller piece at the same time. Drill the holes at approximately a 15 degree angle.

5. Using the marks made with the drill bit, finish drilling the holes in the smaller piece.  Only drill about halfway through the piece.

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