I am quite proud of ourselves. We spit this room out in record timing……. a month and a half. That is pretty good for us.

As always, he delivered just what I dreamed up and did some amazing work in this room. Let me take you on a tour of this tiny 10 x 12 bedroom turned functional and roomy.

What used to be avoided, is now a playful bright retreat for the little girls to spend hours in.

As usual, I forgot before pics, but here are some during.

You can see my husbands process of putting up the plywood panel’s with a 2 inch gap in them. We came up with this method mostly from trying to cut cost.

The closet got the doors ripped off and my husband built in some shelving and walls. You might also note the painted rope used as crown molding. Cheap and unique.

He also cut me an adorable scallop to frame off the closet. Now it is a sweet little cozy spot with some fabric scrap bunting.

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