TIDBITS on Wheels RV Renovation

I just recently shared a look at the RV in the “pre-decor” state, But now I am ready to show you what it looks like after my favorite phase . . . decorating!

I’ll show you some of the cool features, how we are making this work for 6 people, and share some of the challenges we are already facing.


The best tours always start with a “before”, so let’s get a quick reminder of what the RV looked like when we bought it. It was in horrendous condition, but we got it for a steal. It was super dark and unsanitary. Mouse droppings.


Standing at the front end of the RV, you get a nice view of the kitchen, the living/slash dining area, the kids bunks, and bathroom. If you move over to the back end, you catch a glimpse of what I call, “the entertainment center” and the master suite.


Mr. TIDBITS custom-built new cabinetry and countertops. I wanted a touch of open shelving, because I love the charm of displaying my favorite dishes and the convenience.


They are so cozy, absolutely beautiful, and my kids can easily make them themselves and we avoid the messy bunk bed look.


I have hung my absolute favorite piece of art I found antiquing.  Then in the “hidden” built-in cupboards is where we can push open to watch TV and work on the computer.

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