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So my head is a bit bigger today. 
Wanna know why? 
Andrea over at The Cottage Market has done a brag post on me and it is quiet flattering.  I was featured as the cottage of the week!
 The Cottage Market
Go check it out!
You will fall in love with her blog, just like I did.  She brings you the best of the web in all her posts.
Have a good day!

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  1. Do you have a sewing room? I love to sew and recreate but I have to sew at the kitchen table and it makes the kitchen a mess. Then I have to lug the machine to th e closet up stairs it’s so much work setting up and putting things away. Where do you sew and when?

  2. Cami,<br /><br />I am working on my sewing room (seems to be an ongoing thing) and in my search I found your blog. I found a post where a couple of years ago you posted about your own sewing room. The table made for you by your husband is great. You had said you would be posting info about how to make one of them. I have been looking but not able to find the post. Can you please let me know

  3. It is my day that is made! Absolutely adored having you over at my blog and my readers are LOVING YOU!!!!! Sending hugs and wishes for the best day ever!