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Looking for inspiration for your home decor? Check out this list of some of my favorite 10 interior design bloggers that offer creative and stylish decorating ideas, as well as DIY inspiration.

A collage of four interior design bloggers.

I’ve been blogging for a loooong time.  Many years, in fact.  I’ve been reading other people’s interior design blogs for even longer.  Through the years I’ve developed an unofficial list of my favorite interior design bloggers who I love to follow.  I turn to these tried-and-true favorites whenever I want a dose of interior design inspiration.  Today I want to share my personal list of favorite design bloggers with you. 

The bloggers I’m highlighting today are all absolutely amazing!  These bloggers have been creating inspiring design content for years and are still very active in the blogging world. They’ve given me so many ideas for designing my own home and their styles are all stunning.  Some of these bloggers have design styles that are similar to mine and some are different, but all resonate with me.  I love seeing their creativity brought to life. I hope you will find them inspiring as well! 

What Does an Interior Design Blogger Do?

Interior design bloggers are a great source of inspiration for home decorators.  They create design content to share with the world.  You’ll usually find them sharing images, written posts, videos, tutorials and classes.  For a blogger that means projects, projects and more projects.  And that’s the beauty of it!  It’s a creative process that I, for one, absolutely love!

Why Should I Follow Interior Design Bloggers?

Design bloggers are so fun to follow!  They’re a great source for ideas, tips, trend updates, tutorials and product recommendations.  I love seeing someone remake furniture, renovate worn out real estate, or create a beautiful oasis.  It really gets the creative juices flowing.

My List of the Best Interior Design Bloggers

Here is sampling from my list of the best interior design bloggers to follow. Of course, this isn’t a complete list of all the blogs and creators that I love. That list would be way too long! But these bloggers have proven time and again that they are great sources for design inspiration.

1-Monica Hibbs

Let’s start with the incredible Monica Hibbs.  Monica has created a home décor and lifestyle blog that I find so inspiring.  If you’re not familiar with Monica, you should really check her out.  She has a clean, timeless style that always feels both vintage and fresh to me.  Monica is incredibly talented!  Every project she touches turns into something gorgeous, and that includes her beautiful website. 

Monica Hibbs from the Monica Hibbs website.  A stool in a country style bathroom.

Monica has developed an amazing online store where she sells home décor and digital prints.  In addition to her home design inspiration, I like perusing her recipe collection and seeing her take on health personal wellness.  I could spend all day looking through her many projects and beautiful photos.  If you’re looking for a great interior design blog, hers is definitely one to follow!

2-Pine and Prospect Home

Next, I want to highlight Andrea from Pine and Prospect Home.  Andrea is a delight. She’s just as sweet and wonderful as she is talented.  I love the relatable approach Andrea takes to interior design.   She has a knack for creating swoon-worthy spaces on a budget – something that’s not always easy to do, but that she does effortlessly. 

Andrea, from Pine and Prospect Home, and her husband.  A shot of a country cottage entry way.

Andrea’s English cottage style home is absolutely darling!  If this is your style, you’re going to love Pine and Prospect Home.  I’ve enjoyed following her as she lovingly restores her fixer-upper cottage.  As beautiful as her cottage looks online, I promise that it’s even better in person!  Andrea has a YouTube channel if you want to see her amazing projects in action.

3-Seeking Lavender Lane

Ah, Seeking Lavender Lane (sigh).  This blog really speaks to me.  Deb, the author of Seeking Lavender Lane, has created the European farmhouse of my dreams.  Her style feels most similar to my own and I love everything about it.  If you want timeless, old-world inspiration, then Deb is definitely one of the best interior design bloggers to follow.

Deb, creator of Seeking Lavender Lane, stands in an arched entryway.  A shot of a bedroom with antique furniture.

Deb and her husband have shared many DIY and design projects as they’ve renovated two inspiring homes.  Next up they’ll be tackling their “mountain chateau” and I can’t wait to see what they do with it!  In addition to her website, Deb is very active on Instagram and always has incredible content to share.  Check out her website now and thank me later!

4-Boxwood Avenue

Chloe Mackintosh over at Boxwood Avenue is another fantastic blogger.  She’s a country farm girl living the homesteading dream.  I love to see how Chloe blends modern and traditional farmhouse style.  She has really unique ideas and always seems to bring unexpected elements together in the best way.  I’m constantly amazed by her gorgeous creations.

Chloe, creator of Boxwood Avenue sits in a kitchen.  A shot of a sage green vanity with farmhouse sink.

If you love country living, you’re going to love Chloe’s blog!  She’s always on the go and has more to share than just style.  She teaches on topics like cooking, gardening, homesteading, and natural living.  You can find some of her incredible handmade products in her online shop.  Chloe even runs her own interior design studio. Click over to her blog for all the good stuff.

5-She Holds Dearly

You’ll find Sarah blogging over at She Holds Dearly.  Sarah is one of the best interior design bloggers around and is great at educating.  She has a French farmhouse interior design style that is so dreamy.  Her furniture makeovers are second to none.  Sarah can style absolutely anything and, best of all, she’ll teach you to do the same!

Sarah creator of She Holds Dearly and a styled bed and end table with lamp.

Sarah is a born teacher and educating others about design style is one of her passions.  If you want to learn how to design an inspired room, then hers is one of the best interior design blogs to follow. Sarah recently developed a virtual design school e-course to help anyone style like a pro.  You’ll definitely want to see what she’s up to and follow her on YouTube.

6-Jenna Sue Design Co.

Next up is Jenna Sue from Jenna Sue Design.  Jenna and her husband make an interior design dream team.  They do a great job of infusing character and detail into every space they design.  Together, Jenna and her husband have tackled several home renovations.  Of course, each home is totally stunning and you can tour them all on her website! 

Jenna Sue from Jenna Sue Design styling a bed ad a shot of a modern bathroom.

Checkout Jenna Sue’s website for her amazing house tours, room makeovers, printable art, lots of design tips and tricks and a great online shop.   She’s got tons of DIY projects for you to explore.  You’ll find her active on social media. 

7-Thistlewood Farms

Let’s talk about my sweet friend KariAnne who blogs over at Thistlewood Farms.  You’re going to love KariAnne!  She has a quick wit and is one of the most uplifting people I know.  I always come away from her website with good feelings and great ideas.  Just read a few of her stories and you’ll understand what I mean. 

KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms and a china hutch with while dishes.

KariAnne makes design fun.  She’s a pro at upcycling, thrifting and making beautiful spaces on a budget.  I’d describe KariAnne’s style as classic Southern elegance.  It’s just gorgeous!  She has an excellent eye for style that I really appreciate.  You can take a look at her online shop, her design consulting business and social media pages. 

8-Miss Mustard Seed

Marian from Miss Mustard Seed is another of the best interior designers and bloggers.  She’s been blogging for a long time and I definitely look up to her as one of the pioneers of interior design blogging.  Miss Mustard Seed is one of the people who changed how many of us think about old furniture and chippy paint.  She has always embraced the beauty of vintage and farmhouse styles.  I love to see any room that she designs. 

Miss Mustard Seed and a shot of a dining table set with cottage decor.

If you want inspiration, you’ll certainly find it at Miss Mustard Seed’s website.  With her years of experience, there is no shortage of past projects to pour over.  She’s renovated multiple homes, refinished amazing pieces of furniture, written books, produced original art and even a podcast.  She’s truly one of the best design bloggers around!

9-Inspired by Charm

My friend Michael from Inspired by Charm is another one of the best interior design bloggers around.  Michael’s work is incredible!  He’s an endlessly creative interior stylist and artists. His ability to mix vintage and modern interior décor inspires me.  Every space that Michael designs looks like a million bucks. 

Michael, creator of Inspired by Charm and a counter and open shelving with dishes.

Did I mention Michael’s extensive recipe collection?  He’s also an accomplished cook and it shows.  Whether you want interior design ideas, recipes or lifestyle inspiration, you’re sure to find it from Michael.  Do yourself a favor and take a look at all he has to offer. 


Of course, I can’t leave out my own labor of love, the Tidbits blog.  It’s such a joy for me to share inspiring content with you!  Over the years my husband and I have renovated one home and built another from the ground up.  Designing these spaces has been a great experience.  I’ve been able to hone in on my personal European farmhouse style that changes form as each house calls for design a bit differently.  However, my love for charm, antiques and old world style never change.

Cami, creator of TIDBITS blog and a country pantry with curtain and open shelving.

I love decorating with antiques, linen (always linen) and DIY pieces.  I truly feel that you can design a home that you love on any budget and the beauty can be found in the ordinary. I am extremely active on my YouTube channel as well.

This pole barn home that we built and have been finishing has been an amazing journey.  And of course, the journey is far from over.  We’ve got so many exciting projects coming up!  We’ll soon be moving our project focus to the exterior of our home.  We’ve also got landscaping and an ever-expanding homestead to report on.  I plan to keep bringing you more recipes, tutorials, videos, products and classes.  I love to inspire you as the keeper of your home.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these amazing interior design bloggers. They are all fantastic at what they do. I always find their design content inspiring and I’m sure you will too. Let me know in the comments if you have discovered other design bloggers you love to follow! I’d love to check them out!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration when it comes to interior design. Following top interior design bloggers is a fantastic way to stay updated on the latest trends and decorating ideas. I can’t wait to explore these bloggers’ content and incorporate their ideas into my own projects. Here’s to endless creativity and beautifully designed spaces!

  2. Thank you for this list. I’m always looking for more content to enjoy and be inspired by and most of this list I was not yet reading.