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I’m sharing ideas and resources for beautiful and cost-effective large wall art. See how I used these in my hallway makeover and try it for yourself!

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My friends, I’m so happy to be sharing today’s long over-due project with you! I love how this space turned out and I can’t wait to share all my ideas and resources with you! You can view my recent YouTube video about this project below.

YouTube thumbnail of decorated hall with large art

Hallway Goals

Our home has one main hallway. It’s a straight shot off of our living and dining room from which all of the bedrooms branch off. It gets a lot of traffic. This hallway also has high 12 foot ceilings with large walls that until very recently had been totally bare.

This picture gives a good idea of how the hallway walls looked before adding our large art pieces.

Long hallway with art pieces on floor awaiting hallway makeover

I knew some wall decor to fill that large space was in order, but it had to be affordable. Because – life. Am I right?!

I decided that our hallway, due to its size and configuration, would be the perfect space for some gallery-style wall art. I specifically wanted oversized wall art that would fill our empty wall spaces with something beautiful.

Large wall art idea of a picture of a market scene hanging in hallway

Now, if you’ve ever considered buying large pieces of art you know that it can be expensive. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m going to share with you the tricks I learned for creating beautiful DIY large-scale wall art. I’ll also share a cost breakdown for this project.

If you have a large empty wall in your home, you might want to try some of these large wall art ideas for yourself.

Large Wall Art Frame Resources

Because I had already decided to decorate my hallway’s blank walls with artwork, my first step was finding picture frames that would fit the scale of my wall spaces. For me, this meant finding very big frames for my large wall areas.

Large, empty art frame sitting on a floor

I hit the thrift stores in my quest to find large frames. Thrifting can definitely be a hit-and-miss activity, but when you find what you need it can really pay off. I had the good fortune of finding 7 large art frames at my local thrift store. Total score!

I really recommend checking out thrift stores or yard sales for large art frames. Frames can be found there for a fraction of the price compared to buying new. You can always repaint or stain those old frames to fit different styles of decor.

Large Wall Art Print Resources

With frames in hand, it was now time to find large art pieces to fill them. For this, I used one of my favorite large wall art ideas: downloadable art prints.

Large art prints lay stacked on a table

Downloadable art can be found all over the web on the public domain or at e-commerce sites like Amazon or Etsy. You can browse hundreds of selections to find pieces that match your style and desired color palette.

Downloadable art can usually be purchased for a small fee and then downloaded for you to print at home or via your local print shop, which is exactly what I did.

Large wall art idea framed print

I looked for art prints that complimented my home’s color scheme. I’ve found that art pieces, much like fabric prints, can really tie together the different colors or accents found in a room. Art is also a great way to set a mood, so I looked for prints that could add visual interest and also contribute to the desired atmosphere of my home.

The art you see below came with that large frame. While I wasn’t planning to keep the print itself, my husband loved it, so we decided not to replace it.

The next piece is a favorite of my children. They loved this print so much that we decided to hang it near their bedrooms’.

Painting of a young child and an older man rowing a boat together

If you are interested in any of the art prints that I used in this project, you can find them at my TIDBITS and Company shop. I have these and many other vintage artwork pieces available to purchase and print in several different sizes.

Large painting of boys playing with toy boats in the water

Tip: If you plan to print very large art prints or photographs, look for images with a high pixel count so that you don’t end up with a grainy looking print. I also always print my vintage art prints with a matte finish. When I frame art prints or canvases, I prefer to do so without the frame glass. This gives the art a more authentic look that I love.

Once I had my frames filled with gorgeous art, Mr. Tidbits and I hung them on the walls using picture hooks. I wanted to add even more vintage flair to this space, so I purchased some gold chain to use as faux hangers going from the picture frames to our picture rail trim.

The chain is merely decorative, but I love the old-world texture and feel that it adds to these wall hangings.

Hallway Source List

I am loving the new look of this hallway! Here is the view looking from the hallway past the living and dining rooms toward the mudroom.

View from hallway decorated with art towards door

And here is the view facing the other direction toward the bedrooms and the back window.

Chandeliers, large wall art ideas and rugs in a hallway

For those who may be interested, we used this gold chain as faux hanger accent pieces. We used these chandeliers in our hallway and this chandelier in our living room. We also have this sconce light fixture at the end of the hallway as well.

The cherry wood hope chest sitting at the end of our hallway was made by Mr. Tidbits when we were newlyweds. The curtain hanging in the window at the end of our hallway is a vintage lace tablecloth that we hung using curtain clips.

Vase of purple flowers and lace curtian

I am frequently asked about our doors. These doors are a favorite home feature of mine. They are 8-foot French-style doors. They are made of white oak and have cast iron doorknobs. We designed these doors with the help of a local shop and had them custom built. They were definitely an investment, but we love them.

Tall white oak door next to large painting of woman kneeling

Hallway Project Cost Breakdown

Ok, let’s talk numbers for this hallway makeover with large wall art.

  • 7 large frames from the local thrift store: $95.00
  • Printing for 6 large pieces of art: $169.41

Total Frames and Art Cost: $264.41

Average Cost Per Large Wall Art Piece: $37.77

Not too bad, in my opinion! You could easily spend hundreds of dollars purchasing new art of similar size and quality. I feel like this project was a true budget win!

Straight view of a hallway and gallery wall art

Final Thoughts on Large Wall Art Ideas

When it comes to printable art, the possibilities are endless. A large piece of wall art can be used on its own, or as a focal point for a gallery wall along with smaller pieces. Think about using large prints of your personal photography, family photos, abstract art or whatever floats your boat. I think these large wall art ideas would make a great statement on an accent wall!

Cherry hope chest sits at the end of a decorated hallway

I sure do love this hallway! It is so nice walk down the hall and see beautiful art rather than a big blank wall. If you have a large blank wall of your own to fill, you might want to try this project for yourself. If you do, be sure to comment and let me know how it goes! And feel free to add your own favorite large wall decor ideas to the discussion.

For more low-cost art and decor ideas, take a look at:

Until next time, my friends!

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  1. Are you able to share what printer you’ve used? I’ve had some less than ideal prints (despite being high pixel count).


  2. Hi Cami, the link to your print shop returns a 404 message. I’ll revisit though. Can’t wait to purchase some of these prints from you. Thanks!