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30 Pants in 30 Days

Pant Project #30.

To see #29, click here
(of course I’m sure you are as familiar with the drill as I am by now)


I am a little late in getting the tail end of my pants posted, but I assure you, they were finished by the end of the night on the 30 day mark. Ok, I’ll admit – the last 2 were completed at 2:30 am the next morning.

I’m not going to dwell on that though. I will only rejoice in the fact that I will not sew another pair of pants for a very long time. I am slightly sick of it.

But just look at what I accomplished in one month!

Of course I wouldn’t dream of letting you see what my children and home look like. Not to mention the good husband who is begging for time for himself. I suppose he has earned that 🙂

The final pair of pants were super quick. It had to be that way knowing my eyes were half ways open and were closing quickly.

I loved the lettuce edge on a thrift store t-shirt, so I used that as the hem and sewed the pants up.

Some nice mobile pants for an increasingly mobile baby. I discovered today when who knows what was in her mouth, that the routine of vacuuming daily needed to begin again.

Well, that wraps her up!

I think I will take a wee little, self proclaimed break from sewing and blogging.

I’ll be back soon! (But not too soon).

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  1. Yeah you made it though your goal! I love all of the pants espically these last ones. SOOO adorable on your little girl.

  2. You did it!!! Hooray! I seriously need to make some for my youngest… she has 2 pairs, maybe?? I&#39;ve been saying that for a while, maybe I ought to just DO it for crying out loud!<br /><br />Enjoy your break! And your little gal is growing so fast, sheesh!