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It’s one of my favorite days of the month where I get to introduce you to a new blogger, near and dear to my heart.  Today’s friend had me at her bathroom makeover.  I saw it on Instagram, then proceeded to fan girl her on her blog and every social network.  Her goodness and style spoke to my heart, and I hope she speaks to yours.  Please welcome Christina, from Christina’s Adventures!  

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*Check out what I have to say over at her place, if you are curious 😉

I’m so happy to be here swapping with Cami for the day – I’ve always admired her beautiful home and her stunning photography.  So honored to be here!

I’m Christina and I’ve been blogging at Christina’s Adventures since 2010.  I’m a former special education teacher, and now a momma of three littles – we’re navigating life with three kiddos as my daughter just turned 2 weeks old!  We’ve been fixing up our 1902 Victorian for three years now – if you’ve ever lived in a true fixer upper, you know that our work will never truly be done!  See all of our before/after makeovers here.

We are definitely not professionally trained, but we learn how to tackle projects as we go so we save money.  My husband is an ESL teacher at a seminary, and we basically learn everything from DIY blogs and YouTube tutorials.  And if we can’t find a tutorial online, we make our own to share with our readers!

Click here to see our hallway makeover – you won’t believe what it looked like before!!

I spend lots of time connecting with my readers on Instagram – I seriously love our community there!  I love sharing our makeovers – this bathroom makeover is a crowd favorite (and mine too!).  See the whole transformation here – it’s filled with lots of DIY projects, budget friendly decorating ideas & things you can put in your own space without doing a complete remodel.

I’m a big believer in adding character to your home with simple and budget friendly ideas.  While I love a big before/after makeover, sometimes it’s the little projects that make me the happiest!  You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your house a home – here are my favorite projects that you can do for under $20:

I’m actually such a big believer in adding character to your home, that I just wrote an ebook on how to add character to ANY home!  Whether you’re in an old house like I am, a new build, or a house somewhere in between…I’ve got ideas for everyone.  Even better?  My ebook is FREE if you go through this link!

Thanks again, Cami, for having me!  I’d love to have you guys come visit my site and become part of our amazing community.

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  1. Thank you that was a nice place to visit and i love the old house and all they have done.It certainly has come a long way and a lot of hard work but, oh so worth it. They have added to the beauty of the old house very well.