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Not much crafting going on around here.

Just a lot of cuddling.

And snoozing, whenever we get the chance.

But mostly, we are just adoring our new little bundle of joy.

She has the most kissable cheeks!

We are so happy to finally have her in our home. She is one of my best creations, don’t ya think? So I had to share.

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  1. She is so cute Cami! Way to go! I'm glad she made it here safe and sound. Hope you're feeling fantastic! I love the little play kitchen in your next post! So cute! When I get a bigger house my husband is going to be cranking one of those out!

  2. She is so sweet! We are obviously showing how much we love her by staying away!…we have had lots of sickness, but we still wanna come see her when we get better!

  3. Congratulations!! She is so beautiful!! I can't wait to be snuggling with ours soon! Hope your older ones are big helpers. Hope to talk to you soon.

  4. She is gorgeous – congrats! I love the name and that adorably fluffy pink outfit. Enjoy the snuggles:)

  5. She is so adorable! I agree that you can't ever creat anything better then a brand new baby. :> Just remember to enjoy all of the wonderful time that you have together and congratulations too. By the way, what did you name her?

  6. Congratulations,what a beautiful baby!Those cheeks look quite kissable!I just love how a newborn's skin feels and smells.Looks like she has a proud big sister too. Love the pink outfit! Enjoy!