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If you’re looking for healthy, high quality organic food at great prices, you really can’t beat Azure Standard. I’m going to show you what I like to buy in bulk from Azure Standard so that you can enjoy the good stuff for yourself.

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It’s that time of the month when I hop in my car and make the short drive down to my local Azure Standard pickup site. I’ll be bringing back home all sorts of healthy, organic products for my family. What I won’t be doing is breaking the bank, thankfully!

Azure Standard is one of my favorite ways to get affordable, high-quality foods in bulk. It’s a pretty awesome company that I’ve been using for a few years now. They sell some fantastic products that my family really loves. Today, I’ll be sharing all my Azure Standard favorites with you.

You can watch my latest YouTube video to see some of these grocery goodies and hear why I love them so much.

If you are new to Azure, you can click on my Azure Standard link to get a $25 credit automatically added towards your account.

As a bonus, I’ve got a great coupon code “NEW15” that will new users to get 15% off their first order.

Those are some great deals! If you’ve been thinking about trying Azure Standard, consider this your sign to go for it! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

What is Azure Standard?

Some of you might well be wondering – what is Azure Standard? I’d be happy to explain!

Azure Standard is a family-owned company that produces and sells high quality, organic food and natural products. They grow many of their own food products and have strict quality measures for any products they use or sell from other suppliers.

The company was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to and be able to afford organic, non-GMO, healthy, nutrient-rich foods. It’s the type of philosophy that gets me really jazzed up!

How Does Azure Standard Work?

Azure Standard sells food products straight from local farmers or manufacturer to consumers. Unlike other large warehouse retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco, they don’t have a physical store with large overhead costs.

Instead, customers purchase groceries from Azure Standard online and have their items shipped to designated drop locations. This process keeps the costs low and ensures that more people can afford to buy healthy, organic food.

Azure Standard orders are delivered via truck once a month to drop locations around the country. You share the shipping cost with others in the co-op, making it much more affordable than shipping direct to you.

You can check the Find a Drop feature on Azure’s website to find a drop site and drop date near you. If there isn’t one near you, you can start it up and be the coordinator!

Why I Love Azure Standard

  • Quality of Food – The food from Azure Standard is fantastic! If you watch my YouTube video about Azure Standard, you’ll see me gushing about how amazing their products are. But be warned – once you try raw milk butter and cheese, you might never want the grocery store stuff again!
  • Healthy, Organic and Natural – I love that Azure Standard sells food that is good for me. I don’t have to spend lots of time reading every label and searching all over the grocery store for healthy options. Azure’s food is organic, non-GMO, free of chemicals and artificial additives, and it’s great quality.
  • Affordable Prices – Eating healthy can be expensive, but Azure Standard really has put in the work to bring those prices down. I have found that I can get great deals at Azure, and it helps me save money.
  • Core Values – I really appreciate a company that holds themselves to strict quality standards and good farming practices. I also love their goal of creating affordable access to healthy foods. It’s the type of company I feel good supporting.
  • Convenient and Easy – Ordering from Azure Standard is easy. By buying in bulk, I can save time shopping. I also save money by avoiding trips to the grocery stores – double win!

My Favorite Things to Buy from Azure Standard

Here are my favorite products to buy in bulk quantities from Azure Standard. Smaller quantities are also available for many items.

A woman holds an Azure Standard grocery haul in her kitchen


Red Potatoes, Organic – When we don’t grow enough for a year in our garden, we buy these in bulk and store them. Non-organic potato crops are sprayed heavily with toxic chemicals to prevent sprouting. These potatoes will eventually sprout and you can plant them in your garden, like we have done. This is a good sign, by the way.

Yellow Onions, Organic

Garlic, Organic

Yams, Organic

Red Onions, Organic

Carrots #2, Organic

Carrots #1, Organic

Sweet Potatoes, Organic

Green Cabbage, Organic – great for making fermented sauerkraut

Yellow Potatoes, Organic


Lemons, Organic

Black Mission Figs, Organic – I tried my friends when she picked some figs up on her order. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Blueberries, Organic

Baking Supplies

Pure Vanilla Extract, Organic – very potent and delicious

Cacao Powder, Organic – I can tell this is super high quality!


Einkorn All Purpose Flour, Organic – This is what I feed my sourdough starter with

Spelt Grain, Organic – We use this in all our muffin, bread, pancake recipes

Rolled Oats – Again, non-organic oat crops are one of the most toxic food products because of how they spray them. Definitely spend more to buy organic.

Quick Rolled Oats – When we need for baking products or quick oatmeal.

Unbleached All Purpose Flour, Organic

Unbleached Bread Flour, Organic

Jasmine Brown Rice, Gluten Free, Organic

Einkorn Grain Berries, Organic – We love to get the berries and fresh grind them ourselves.

Short Grain Brown Rice, Organic, Gluten Free

Bulgar Wheat, Coarse, Organic

Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Cereal

Polenta, Corn Grits, Organic

Cornmeal – Great for cornbread!

Kamut Flour – Hard to find but they often have it!

Pasta – They have a ton of in house brand pasta to choose from.

Brown Rice Pasta – Love this in our mac and cheese!

Our Favorite Spaghetti – Makes our bellies feel good after a big pasta dinner.

Grains, honey and oil from Azure Standard

Frozen Produce

I love to buy these frozen produce items in bulk and then bag them in 1 or 2 cup servings in individual bags – to make them easier to use for smoothies, soups, etc.

Blueberries, Frozen, Organic

Garden Peas, Frozen, Organic

Red Raspberries, Frozen, Organic

Pineapple, Frozen, Organic

Strawberries, Frozen, Organic

Sweet Corn, Frozen, Organic

Sweet Potatoes, Diced and Frozen, Organic

Butternut Squash, Diced and Frozen, Organic

Mangos, Frozen, Organic


Raw Honey, Berry/Wildflower – beautiful raw honey!

Cane Sugar, Organic – Use this for baking and to feed my kefir water.


Vegetable Glycerin, Food Grade, Non-GMO – great to make extracts or to infuse herbs

Coconut Oil, Virgin, Organic – Best price I’ve found for this quality!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed, Organic – We use a ton of olive oil in our cooking, and this is great quality

Tallow Premium Cooking Fat, Frozen, Grass-Fed – for making soaps or frying foods

Dairy Products

Raw White Cheddar Cheese – The best cheese in the world. The end.

Cheddar Cheese – When they are out of the other kind, I order this one.

Salted Butter, Organic – The best butter in the world. The end.

Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Organic

Cream Cheese, Organic – I liked that this had added probiotics


Mushroom Popcorn, Organic – This popcorn is so plump and crunchy! Our favorite! Corn is another crop I will only buy in organic, due to the toxicity and level of chemicals they spray on corn crops.

Jumbo Peanuts in Shell – A super healthy and fun snack for the kids.

Yellow Popcorn, Organic

Multicolored Popcorn, Organic

Raw Almonds, Organic – We use it to make almond milk too, with our Almond Cow.

Dried Mango Slices, Natural – Crazy delicious snack!

Carob Covered Peanuts, Organic – My favorite indulgence to get from Azure. You have to try them once!

Frozen Sprouted Corn Tortillas – Super healthy taco shells.

Figs – So Yummy to go with a charcuterie board, or chopped up on a blue cheese salad – or just to eat!


Creamy Peanut Butter, Unsweetened – Love buying this in bulk. Watch my video to hear my tip about mixing it.

Yellow Mustard, Organic

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic

Creamy Peanut Butter, No Salt, Organic

Ketchup – Good, clean stuff!

Tahini – I love this slathered on a piece of toast with figs and arugula and drizzled with balsamic! Yum!

Salsa – This is real yummy!

Spices and Herbs

Onion Powder, Organic

Whole Black Peppercorns, Organic

Ground Black Pepper, Organic

Real Salt, Granular

Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt, Velvet

Beans and Peas

We love to make our beans in the Instant Pot. So much yummier than canned, and way cheaper.

Black Beans, Organic

Pinto Beans, Organic

Garbanzo Beans (Chick Peas), Organic

Kidney Beans, Organic

White Navy Beans

Canned Foods

They are recently adding on canned foods made at Azure. Here is what I’ve tried and loved.

Tomato Sauce, Organic

Diced Tomatoes in Juice, Organic

Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream – We love making Thai dishes around here, and their coconut products are amazing.

Diced Green Chilis – dumping these in all the taco soup!!


There chicken tastes incredible, and I love that you can feel good about the farming practices.

Frozen Chicken Breast Tenders, Organic

Chicken Broth, Low Sodium, Organic

Health and Beauty

We enjoyed these hair products!

Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo, Tea Tree and Hemp

Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo, Jojoba and Peppermint

And there you have it! Those are my favorite items to buy in bulk from Azure Standard. I will continue to add to this list as I buy new things and love them. If you have tried Azure, please let me know what are your favorites!

A woman holds packages of healthy, organic food

What if There Isn’t an Azure Standard Drop Location Near Me?

If you are getting excited about the idea of ordering from Azure Standard, but worry about not having a drop site nearby, never fear. You can set up a new drop location close to you! There are some requirements about minimum order size and the need for coordinating volunteers, but it’s very doable. Check out the Start Your Own Drop feature on Azure’s website for full details.

It’s also possible to have Azure Standard ship groceries directly to you via parcel post. This method does involve shipping fees, but it’s another great option for people who want to try Azure Standard.

Remember Your Coupon and Discount!

If you haven’t tried Azure Standard for yourself, I recommend looking into it. It really does make healthy eating a whole lot more affordable. Use my Azure Standard link to get a $25 credit on your first order. And don’t forget to take advantage of that 15% off coupon for new customers! Type in code NEW15 at checkout. Happy Shopping!

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