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While I’m writing this, I’m thinking how lame this post is going to be.
But you should probably still read it.
It’s the 14th day counting down until Christmas.  That’s almost half way isn’t it?  Are you supposed to go just until the 24th, or do I need to post on the 25th?  Hmmm.  We’ll see what happens.
 Click image to see it all.
December 14th:  Christmas Card
Today I wanted to show you that I even stuck with my color palette on our Christmas Card, and the simplicity theme.  I even did a muddy edit to make it look like it came from “way back when”.
Kinda lame huh.
What’s even more lame, is that I took a picture of a picture to show you my Christmas Card.
But hey, I saved a lot of stamps this way.  Not that I would have sent one to all my readers any way, but it would have been a nice thought. 
Boy, this post just keeps getter lamer. 
And look.  It even matches the board I put it on. 
I think I’ll be done now.  
Come back tomorrow for a slightly less lame of a post.

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One Comment

  1. I second, I love the card too! I&#39;ve taken pictures of pictures and they have never looked that good! Even in our most &quot;lame&quot; moments, we&#39;re making someone smile! With that in mind, I&#39;m going to continue being &quot;lame&quot;… And &quot;nerdy&quot;… And especially &quot;dorky!&quot;<br />Merry Christmas!!!