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I hate to pick favorites but . . . it is time to look back on 2019 and see what posts were YOUR favorites!  Join me for a look at the Top 10 TIDBITS of 2019!

I really enjoy digging through the past years analytics and seeing what peaked the most interest. I’m a firm believer that numbers are not everything, so please share in the comments what you loved seeing here on TIDBITS, and what you would like to see more of!

Let’s jump right in and count down (for the sake of suspense), then I’ll do a little TIDBITS reflecting and projecting, and share what I have planned for the big year of 2020!

10 – Why are we Building a Pole Barn Home?

Why are we building a pole barn home

I was actually a little surprised to see this one hit the top 10 list at all, but delighted you all cared enough to find out all about our pole barn home we have built. I’m coming back soon to share a “move in” tour . . . which is FAR from a finished tour, but it should still be fun to see! Additionally, I’ll be breaking down the cost of our pole barn home and sharing how this method of construction can save money . . . and if it truly did. Should be interesting!

9 – Tiny Home and RV Bathroom Organization

You’ll catch an RV theme from here on down! Our time in the RV was a HUGE part of our 2019, and apparently a fascinating one. (I mean, who would want to live in an RV?!)

Tiny Home and RV bathroom organization and storage ideas

I loved sharing this post on tiny RV bathroom organization, because it brought small space solutions for everyone! You learn to get creative with your storage when you have very little of it!

8 – Staging our RV to Sell

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

Getting ready to say goodbye to the RV was a big deal! I made her look her finest and she sold in no time. It was such a relief for us to move past this adventure! (To say the least).

7 – The Best RV Bunk Bedding

RV Bedding and Bunk bedding - Beddy's Beds

To know a Beddy’s Bed, is to love a Beddy’s Bed. They are fantastic for kids beds, and even better for RV Bunk Beds! I enjoyed sharing our little “Beddy’s Hack” to make them work perfectly for tiny RV Bunks. If you need one for yourself, be sure to use the code “TIDBITS” for 20% off!

6 – DIY Linen Lavender Eye Pillows

DIY Line Lavender Eye Pillows

I had forgotten I shared this post this last year, but it came early on and did well all year. I should have known if I combined 2 of my favorite things of all time – linen and lavender – it would be a hit!

5 – TIDBITS on Wheels RV Renovation


So glad the big RV reveal hit in the top 5, because it was certainly a beast of a project! I almost can’t believe we did this and built our home all in the same year. Just when I think I didn’t accomplish much . . .

4 – European Organic Inspired Laundry Room

European Organic Inspired Laundry Room Design

Our first and only finished room in our new home – and my favorite place to go and hide with a bag of chocolate chips when I’m sick of the construction mess surrounding me. It was a race to meet this deadline, but this Home Depot sponsored job was a huge blessing at the time!

3 – Organizing Bathroom Drawers and Cupboards

Organizing posts always do really well for me, no matter what home I share them in. This post I did in the rental home was a fun one and you all loved it a lot! Lots of great bathroom storage ideas and sources!

2 – 20 Inspiring RV Makeovers

Inspiring RV Makeovers and renovations by TIDBITS

Writing this post was when I first realized there was a whole world of tiny living enthusiasts out there! Breaking into it was so exciting and I connected with a lot of new helpful friends on Instagram who were doing the same.

And now, drumroll please . . . the #1 top performing TIDBITS in 2019 was . . .

1 – My 10 Best Tips for Small Pantry Organization

Another organizing post! This one hit the charts fast and immediately took off on Pinterest. Mostly due to this one photo and the fascination with these cute and handy canning jar bags. I still use them and love them!

Bagged items and clear containers work great for small pantry organization.


Let’s take a quick look at what did well on Instagram, which didn’t stray far from what did well on the blog.

Sharing the first look at our new Laundry Room was exciting for all of us!

I even dug up an older image during the Marie Kondo craze, and folks loved seeing my Kids Closet Organization again.

Every time I shared this view of the RV, I got great interaction. It was my favorite view as well.

This is a RV Family Photo I will always treasure, and I’m glad others liked it too!


As I continue to work my way through getting better and more comfortable on video, it was fun to look at what videos did best on YouTube. These 2 won by a landslide!

How to Whitewash Wood | 2 Best Techniques

The Best RV Bunk Bedding

Still trying to grow that little channel, so feel free to follow me there if you like!

THE TIDBITS I AM MOST PROUD OF (and worked the hardest on)

Truth be told, I probably posted less on my blog in 2019, than most years. The main reason being a passion project that I engrossed myself in to, and a product that I feel so proud to have created. Have you seen it?

The new TIDBITS Planners website and product line, starting with The TIDBITS Day Planner!

I am so excited (and nervous) to see what will become of this new business and venture, and already so thrilled to have the amazing feedback from folks already using and loving their 2020 day planner. I have plans to expand the line and work hard at being more prepared for the 2021 day planner. I dove into a world of production and publication that I knew very little of and had to figure most things out by myself. It has not been easy, but I’ve been grateful for all I’ve learned so far. I am so passionate about following your dreams and planning well, so the creation of TIDBITS Planners has truly been a dream come true!


It’s been quiet around TIDBITS blog during the end of the year due to the planner business and getting settled in our new pole barn home. But we are ready to dive hard into finishing up each space and taking you along for this ride! We are tackling the kitchen first, because as much as I love our plywood countertops, dusty concrete floors and major disfunction – the heart of the home is the kitchen!

Are you ready and excited to follow along?! We will be sharing loads of DIY’s, tutorials and design inspiration as we plug along at making our house a home.

I hope you’ll join me for all 2020 brings and find loads of inspiration for do-it-yourself living.

Thank you so very much for your support! Couldn’t share anything without it!

The TIDBITS crew would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!

Now be sure and go visit my sister Marci, over at the food side of TIDBITS, to see what yummy things hit the top 10 in the Instant Pot world!

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  1. Hey guys thanks for an amazing post and some awesome ideas to transform a tiny home or RV!
    Your photos and videos knocked it out of the park for me
    Great job!

  2. Wow, you did very well this year, it was all good even the bad makes us smarter. I can’t wait to see all you will do this year. You have a wonderful family, i pray you have a Happy New Year!