Checking for mail has never been so enjoyable! Let me show you how we significantly upgraded our curb appeal with this mailbox makeover project.

In order for you to truly appreciate this project, I just have to show you the before images first.

My husband and I were thrilled to take on the challenge of improving our curb appeal and function, and the results are fantastic!

Clearing out the ground was the first essential, so we ripped out the bushes and leveled the dirt in preparation for installing the posts.

Then we headed to The Home Depot to explore some ways that we could customize our very budget-friendly and high-quality, white Gibraltar Mailbox and Gibraltar Mailbox post.

While walking the aisles, with 4 kids in tow, I was surprised to have the creative energy to think of adding a second post next to the mailbox.

Adding in both posts, we were able to add other decorative touches like shelf brackets, trim work, solar lighting, house numbers, and places to hang potted plants.

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