How To Hang Plates On The Wall | Diy Hack

Look no further than the kitchen shelves for beautiful and charming wall decor. Read on to find out how to hang plates on the wall, easily and affordably with this simple DIY hack.


– A plate or plate collection – Small amount of felt – Medium size safety pin – Hot glue gun and hot glue – Scissors


Cut a small square of felt to overlap the safety pin about 1/2 inch around each side.


Determine your placement for the plate to hang and add a small strip of hot glue along the inside rim of the back of the plate. Place the safety pin upside down onto the glue with 1/2 inch of the bottom of the pin pointing upwards.


Next, squeeze out a large amount of hot glue over the pin and around it on the plate itself.


Ever so quickly, press the felt square over the top of the glue and safety pin. Press firmly in place until the glue dries and cools.


Once completely dry, pull and tug at the safety pin, to ensure a strong hold onto the plate.


To hang the plate, first figure out the exact placement on the wall, mark it with a small dot, and hammer a small nail into the wall.

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