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I have this list of projects I want to do, and they are numbered in order of priority.  Do you have one of those lists?  At the very bottom of my list is “deep clean the house”.  Funny thing is – it never moves up.  Hmm.

Any way.

When I thought of the idea of these botanical wood slices, it didn’t even make it on the list.  It just simply took priority because I couldn’t wait to see if it would work!


So once I discovered how to transfer printer ink onto a wood surface, I had my hubs slice up a log and I transferred some beautiful botanical prints onto the wood slices.  The result was stunning!  (If I do say so myself)

If you want to learn how to transfer the ink, and where to find these lovely botanical prints – head over to THIS post where you will find the full tutorial and all the details.

But before you head over there, let me convince you of 6 beautiful reasons you need to toss your list and start making a whole collection of botanical wood slices.

6 Creative Uses for Botanical Wood Slices

I had a blast coming up with these 6 creative uses for botanical wood slices – and even more fun making the pictures!

So . . . in no particular order:

1.  Botanical Gift Toppers

Botanical Gift Toppers

Actually, they would make a great gift in and of themselves, but lets talk about how gorgeous they look on a white package tied with hemp.

botanical gift toppers

The receiver won’t even care what is inside!

P.S.  I just drilled a quick hole so I had something to tie it to.

2.  Botanical Coasters

Botanical Coasters

What a lovely woodsy touch this would give any meal or picnic.

Botanical Coasters

Just make sure they are cut flat (wink).

3.  Botanical Banners

Botanical Banners

You could hang these babies just about anywhere and they would steal the show.  But I must say, they look quite fantastic in a row, as a banner, on a thrifted blue door, above a bed.

botanical banners

It was just what our child size guest room needed.

botanical banners

Speaking of bedrooms . . .

4.  Botanical Wall Art

Botanical Wall Art

My daughter and I had a blast arranging this whimsical and woodsy wall display out of her favorite botanical wood slices.

botanical wall art

You can hang with any picture hanger nailed to the back.  I just love how these look on her planked white walls (full bedroom shown HERE).

5.  Botanical Fridge Magnets

Botanical Fridge Magnets

It was easy peasy to hot glue a magnet to the back, and slap these on the fridge.

botanical fridge magenets

School papers and grocery lists never looked so good.

6.  Botanical Plant Labels

Botanical Plant Labels

I may or may not have saved my favorite for last.

botanical plant labels

I have what you might call “a black thumb” – and I kill everything green.  But, I’m fairly certain with these cute labels, my chances of keeping some plants alive have increased.

botanical plant labels

And there you have 6 ways to use your botanical wood slices.  I am sure some of you crafty genius’s can think of more ideas – which I would LOOOOVE to hear!

Don’t forget to head over to THIS post to find out how to make them!

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely DIY. I was looking for something easy and beautiful to make with my granddaughter who is spending the week with me. This project is perfect!

  2. I think they would look good arranged on a plain wood tray with sides. Just fill in around them and modpodge the tops. Same for an end table.

  3. hi cami! These are so beautiful!!! i love how you use them also!! 🙂 thanks for the mention ! 🙂

  4. The first thing I thought when you started this project is “how cute it would be as casters” and then you showed yours…..YOU’VE don’t it again!!! Your creative, smart and I love what you do!! Thank you for all your hard work 🙂


  5. Flowers and wood make me happy too! And truly, your ideas is pure genius! The monogram would be adorable!

  6. I just saw this on Ella Claire and had to stop by to see what else to do with these adorable wood slices. I especially love the magnet idea.
    You are so talented! I love these!

    1. Emily – thank you so much for leaving the sweet comments! My kids love these magnets the best too!