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3 Things you’ll need to hang a large item on the wall – big muscles, looks, and brains.  Well okay, maybe a bit more than that 😉 . Find out how we secured our very large and heavy chalkboard to the wall.

A relaxing and inviting Summer Home Tour | By TIDBITS

It’s times like these where Mr. TIDBITS really delivers.

He just simply can’t resist my batting eyes and innocent pleas.  Especially when I say it like this . . .

“Hey honey bun???  Will you pretty please take this massive chalkboard we made, that I told you would only ever be propped on the floor, and hang it above the stairs . . . pretty pretty please with sugar on top??  I’m certain those strong muscles wouldn’t even feel strained, you hunk of burnin’ love.”

How to hang a large item on the wall.

Oh.  And then there was this.

“While you are up there straddling a ladder and hanging on for dear life – my oh so talented and brilliant man – could you sketch a lovely ‘relax’ script with botanicals?”

A relaxing and inviting Summer Home Tour | By TIDBITS

Sorry ladies.

This obedient muscle man, who also sketches lovely botanicals, is so taken.

And he is all mine.

But I’ll let you borrow him for just a minute, long enough for him to explain how to hang a large item using the “French Cleat” method.

How to hang a large item on the wall.

As far as finding a man with big enough muscles to hang it while standing on top of a ladder that is straddling stairs . . . well . . . you might have to find a few men to match my Mr. TIDBITS. 😉

How to hang a large item on the wall.

Take it over babe . . .

As you can imagine, while straddling stairs and trying not to think of my precarious position, I was thinking to myself “why didn’t I just get some help?”.

The french cleat method is a simple way to hang really anything you want.  I started with a piece of plywood 1/2 inch thick, 4 feet long and 2.5 inches wide. I set my table saw on a 45 degree angle and cut the board in half lengthwise.  Keep both pieces since you will need one for the wall and one for the item you are hanging.

How to hang a large item on the wall.

Use a measuring tape to mark the same distance along the item you are hanging, and screw one of the half pieces on to it. Be sure the angle part is facing down.  Don’t use a level on this step since you don’t know if your floor is level.

How to hang a large item on the wall.

Use a level and screw the other piece to the wall where you want the item hung.  Be sure the board on the wall has the angle part pointing up.  I was able to hit four studs with my board so I knew it would be strong enough to hold the chalkboard we were hanging up.

How to hang a large item on the wall.

Carefully, without giving yourself a hernia, set the item you are hanging against the wall.  Gently slide the item down until the boards meet, and if you did everything right you will have a straight well hung item on your wall.

New Laminate Flooring Reveal

Small or large, the French Cleat works great!

Thank you Mr. TIDBITS!  I always prefer to have him help me explain his methods!

Let us know if you give the French Cleat a try!

Thanks for reading!


How to hang a large item on the wall.

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  1. Yes I learned this method from This Old House … I have used it for several cabinets including two in the current house. Actually you can use it for lots of heavier items such as mirrors and you don’t need to have a full cleat running across the entire piece – it can be on the corners as long as it’s spaced correctly and then you can ensure a level and solid hanging by putting a single cleat on the wall.

  2. Used this method about a month ago to hang a very large barn quilt I painted for our living room wall. Works like a charm!!!

  3. I’d say your hubby is a keeper! It’s great to have a husband who can do all kinds of stuff, isn’t it? I sure appreciate that in mine!
    Keeping this in mind for any future heavy projects!


  4. Love how this turned out! What a great hubby you have!! Thx for sharing. Your home is my absolute favorite in the world of blogging. Always love to see you in my inbox! Keep up the good work. Please!! So enjoy your ideas and talents!