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Perhaps you love using your sketchbook, or perhaps you don’t even feel you need one. I’d like to inspire you with many reasons why keeping a sketchbook can be a wonderful and fulfilling thing to do, with 5 awesome resources to get you sketching!

sketchbook and learning to draw books

When I made a sketchbook for my TIDBITS Planners line, I actually made it with my hubs in mind. He loves to sketch out landscaping plans, treehouse ideas and of course lots of room design sketches for me so we can visualize what we will create together.

use your sketchbook to learn to draw

I imagined there were some of you who liked to do the same, so I dreamt up this beautiful product!

I didn’t imagine I would actually use it for drawing, since I’ve told myself my whole life that “I am NOT an artist”.

One day, while listening to something on The Well Educated Heart App, I heard the phrase . . .

I thought of this concept while cleaning out our book cupboards. After noticing a slew of “how to draw” books I had purchased and felt frustrated that my kids rarely got them out. I thought to myself, “If I had the time and was a kid, I would love these!”

step by step learning to draw books

Then the thought, “Hmmm. I wonder what would happen if they saw me actually teaching myself to draw with these books?”

Well, it was a quiet Sunday afternoon and I turned on my TIDBITS Planning Worship Music Playlist, pulled out a fresh new TIDBITS sketchbook – and started to draw.

learn to draw sketchbook

Lo and behold, the kiddos flocked to see what I was doing! It took only one hot minute for them to all gather with their own lovely sketchbooks I had given them and we were all enjoying each simple drawing tutorial together.

This afternoon was magical for me and a turning point for how I mother my children. Turns out, “leading by example” is truly the best way to teach.

I have since made this a Sunday tradition and I pull my sketchbook and “how to draw” books out each week and enjoy the therapeutic benefits along with any child that will join me.

favorite how to draw books

I’ve been amazed at how much steadier my hand has become so quickly, and I look forward to each new image I get to draw. My kids cheer me on and applaud my progress, just as I do for them. It is the sweetest thing!

favorite learn to draw books

As a result of this practice, I actually feel more confident in myself when it comes to learning something I thought I could never do.

I wanted to share this experience with you, in case you also had the thought that a sketchbook was “not for you“. Take 10-15 minutes a week, and just see what happens!

favorite learn to draw books

You can get a gorgeous sketchbook with a sturdy flat lay hardcover for only $10 right now! I’m trying to make room for new products so you’ll want to snag this deal while you can.

a beautiful sketchbook

They make great gifts, and you might want to keep a stash for the kiddos as well. You never know what new hobby they will pick up if they see you doing it too!

If you are looking for some drawing resources to help you or your kids feel more confident in sketching, here are some of our favorites.

Shop TIDBITS Sketchbooks

5 of the Best Step by Step Drawing Resources

Hope that is helpful and inspiring!

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