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I blog.

Therefore, I write and take pictures.

A lot.

I’ve actually loved writing long before I ever loved blogging, or creating, or decorating, or photographing, or DIY’ing (yes, that is a word in my world).

Being super vulnerable here, but seeing my name on the cover of a book was my ultimate dream.  To be referred to as “an Author”, would be my “somebody pinch me” moment.

But to create a book with my sister Marci . . . somebody pinch me . . . 10 times.

Published Master the Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook, by Marci Buttars and Cami Graham

*This post contains my affiliate links.

We are so thrilled to announce that our book – actual book! – is now for sale as pre-order with Amazon and Barnes and Noble!!  EEEEK!  While it won’t be available until September, you can purchase now at a discounted price and get it as soon as it comes out!



Marci and I have poured our hearts and souls into making “Master the Electric Pressure Cooker” an invaluable pressure cooking resource and delicious cookbook for you.  Our goal has always been to teach you how to cook with the electric pressure cooker and discover its amazing potential through the recipes we share.

You may have already been aware of our similar ecookbook we launched about a year ago, that we made to look like this.

It includes digital downloads for 70 of our favorite recipes to make in the electric pressure cooker (aka Instant Pot, Fagor Lux Multicooker, etc.), time charts, and access to our exclusive Facebook group.

For the digital lovin’ home chefs, this ebook works perfectly.  I cook from it all. the. time.  However, we always felt bad knowing that there were many who prefer a cookbook to not be on a screen, and we were completely unable to provide an affordable published option – until now!

The wonderful folks at Skyhorse Publishing caught wind of our book, and offered to make us published book Authors.

A dream come true for both of us, and we are so thrilled to share this published version.

We’ve listened to our readers suggestions and added around 30+ recipes, a lot which are main courses and dinner recipes.

Each and every recipe has large, full color food photography, from my very own lens (pinch me again), and includes Marci’s fun stories and introductions for each food item.

We will of course share more as the book becomes available, but we wanted to be sure you knew about it and could take advantage of the pre-sale price if you desire.

Having said all that, Marci and I thought we would take a minute to share some of our thoughts about this book writing process so far and what we’ve felt as this dream of ours has become a reality together.

I’ll share first, then I’ll turn the keys over to my sis.

Thought #1:

Wanna know how all this started?  Marci taught me how to make yogurt in the Instant Pot, I decided to share it on my blog, people went baaa -zerk over it, and I casually told her one family dinner day that we should write an ecookbook to share her recipes.  That’s pretty much what happened before our type A personalities went into major perfectionist mode and took over.  Marci has of course been obsessing over electric pressure cookers for years, so she brings incredible experience and know-how to the table.  Indeed, this cookbook is her brain baby, and I’m thrilled I had developed a platform to help her share what she knows.

Thought #2:

Now I knew from walking myself through this incredible Book Boss course, that I could indeed get an ebook up and running with my blog.  However, we only dared to dream that we could actually get it published.  But a published cookbook was of course our greatest hope for these recipes.  I’m not much of a slap-quotes-all-over-my-walls type of decorator, but I wear the phrase, “SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD, AND SO SHE DID” all over my heart.  I knew deep down we could do it.  Eventually 😉


Thought #3:

Woooo-weeee, writing a book is hard work!  Just getting the ebook together last year consumed my summer and well beyond.  It was incredibly difficult to keep up the with blog and family life in the process.  I’m so grateful for Skyhorse and their expertise to step in for the published book and take a large load off our shoulders.  But through it all, it became the norm for Marci to have freezers and fridges full of test food, and our evenings were spent photographing as many dishes as we could at a time.  I’m still trying to work off those extra 5 pounds I gained during all the “food testing”.  #bestjobever

Me and marci

Thought #4:

Can I be honest?

Working with someone else is kind of hard.  You see, I’ve been running my own little online business by myself for years, and I’d become pretty independent.  When I wanted to work harder, I did.  When I wanted to slow down, I did.  And I only ever had to please myself.  In walks super talented sister chef, and all of a sudden we have to have meetings, and differing opinions, and schedules . . . and things got a lot more complicated.  But I’ll forever be amazed at what we can accomplish together when we bring our strengths to the table.  Marci’s whit, writing skills, and recipe creations seem to complement my photography and online business skills perfectly, allowing us to create this beautiful cookbook together.

Thought #5:

What now?  Oh boy.  Good question.

Marci has a bazillion more recipes to share.   I have an aching desire to get back to more home renovations, decorating, DIY’ing and other topics that fuel me.  Not to mention, we also have families that we love and desire to give more of ourselves too.  And of course, we have lovely, supportive readers who seem to love what we have to share!

Oh, and we only have 24 hours in a day. 😉

So here we both sit, at a cross roads on how to move forward together . . . if at all.  We’ve toyed with the idea of having her start a new food blog under the TIDBITS brand, and work sort of independently – but still together, if that makes any sense.  That seems to be the best option, but there are a whole slew of logistics that need to be worked out before all that can happen.

So this is where I would love to hear any suggestions from you!  What do you think we should do?  Does it work to have her share recipes every once in a while, do you want more home decor stuff from me, should we both expand, should we just write more books together?  Honestly, I have a whole slew of book ideas I would love to see published as well someday, and Marci could probably write 5 more cookbooks with the recipes she has created.

Decisions, decisions.

In the meantime, let’s hear what Marci has to say about this book writing process.

Hey everyone!  Marci here and I have to admit, before Cami purposed this idea of a cookbook, my life was a lot less stressful.  I worked as a Nurse Practitioner 15 hours a week, and loved cooking just for the joy of it.  There was a part of me that felt like it was missing, and I couldn’t quite pinpoint it.  Then, in came Cami, with her intriguing ideas, dreams, and goals, and suddenly I felt a fire light up inside.  Charged with this new excitement and passion, I took Cami’s suggestion of a small, 30 or so recipe cookbook, and turned it into a full time job of testing, tasting, and testing again, until we hit 100 recipes.  I believe Cami mentioned our Type A personalities above – I blame it on/credit it to our parents 🙂

I’ve always loved writing but combining it with recipe creating has been a dream come true.  Something about creating recipes and writing about food brings all types of memories to life and with each recipe flowed a new story onto the page.

I love my sister more than ever.  Never has our relationship been closer or more complicated, yet I love that we’ve had to dig deep and endure all of this together.  It’s made life richer and pushed me harder and further than I thought I ever wanted to be pushed.  I owe so much to Cami for opening up this chapter of my life.  I never would have discovered it without her.

I never dreamed of being an author.  I love to write, but previously that was only for my mother’s entertainment.  Putting my writing out for the world to read wasn’t a goal of mine, but it turned out to be a dream come true.

I love to cook.  Like really love to cook, and create, and experiment, etc.  Is it strange to confess that I begin each day excited about what magic I’m gonna whip up in my kitchen?  (I can sense Cami nodding at this very moment).  But I have to say, sharing it with you all makes it that much better.  The yogurt, the vanilla extract, the mason jar oats…working on them was completely thrilling knowing that I was going to be able to share them with you all.  I love hearing your experiences with them and can hardly believe that my creations are becoming a part of your own families stories.  Sigh…I love it, love it, love it.

So what now?  Cami and I have worked so hard together to create something far beyond our individual abilities.  Where to go from that?!  The future is a big, mysterious, exciting, and scary road right now.  How I wish I could have the smallest glimpse of what’s to come!

So while we figure that all out, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!  The support and friendships that have come along this road have made life so much sweeter 🙂

We both hope you’ll take a moment to check out our upcoming book, take advantage of the discounted price, and let us know what you think!!

And be sure to subscribe to our post updates so you don’t miss a beat!

Thank you so very much for being here today!

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  1. Hello lovely ladies! I just came upon this blog recently (from A Burst of Beautiful) and have really loved hopping around and reading the posts, lots of great ideas and inspiration (gonna have to do that Mailbox project for my dad, his mailbox looks pretty close to how your old one was looking!) and I always enjoy finding new blogs to read. I love home decor and DIY projects alot, but I am a busy mom as well and so I love recipes too and to try new things and so I have yalls book on my list and cannot wait to get my hands on it. I have been very interested in the pressure cooking recently.

    So, as to suggest on how yall go from here, I feel too, as the other reader commented, I may not really know what to say, but I have some thoughts. I feel Marci could easily start her own blog with recipes and cooking advice and the like, but it may be real time consuming for her and I certainly want to see more Home/DIY posts from you Cami, as well as recipes from Marci, so maybe having her as the Food/Cooking expert on the blog would be good. Either way, I think the blogging world could definitely use both of you and I am sure yall will do what is best for you both and I will pray that God will give you guidance in this area.

    I am really happy I found your blog and look forward to reading it! Keep the good content up and I wish the best for both of you! Congrats on the book to the both of you! Great accomplishment and all worth it in the end I am sure!

    1. Kim, your comment meant so much to Marcin and I! And thank you for taking the time to come over from Alicia’s website. I adore that girl! We really loved your suggestions, and they came at such a good time for us. We are working hard to get Marci up and running with her own site, while working under the same Brand. She has quite the challenge ahead of her to try to get up to speed with my 7 year old site, and she does get a bit discouraged. I think your comment really helped her today. You’ll never know how grateful we are! We hope to “see” you and hear from you often. You were our tender mercy today! XO – Cami

      1. Oh Thanks Cami! I am so glad I could offer support and encouragement. I certainly understand the challenge and pressure of starting up ones own site/blog. I am in that process right now and it has been very nervewrecking and fear of the unknown and all, but I have been having these whispers to start one because I feel we all have a story to tell and we all can offer support, advice and inspiration and it’s time for it to happen for me and I know Marci will do great and I will continue to pray for her and know that what she offers will be of use and encouragement to others. It already sparked me, from just this one blog post! So, there is something there for sure!

        I am so glad it did something for her and uplifted her spirit! I love to do that! My whole life has been dedicated to helping others, first as a nurse, then changed gears to teaching, and now wanting to take it even further with blogging.

        Marci can do it and one day at a time will get her there! I certainly will chime in often and hopefully you will get to see me when my blog is up and running, which I am hoping is soon. I have found too, just how much goes into starting and even maintaining a blog and you my dear, have been inspiration for me, as well as Alicia’s blog and others too! It really is a community of support!

        I will let you know when my blog is launched and until then I will be a regular reader of yours and look forward to all you will inspire me with, that goes for Marci too!

        I really cannot wait for the cookbook! The cover alone sells it! What a yummy picture! I do photography as well and picked that up as a side business years ago, but am not real busy with it, just mostly word of mouth, but I love doing it! We have kindred spirits it seems!

        Take Care! And if your interested, for my photography, I use just facebook and have a page there for it and that is pretty much my online presence. It’s I am branching out to other social media, but all in good time!

        Take Care Sweetie! XO