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Join me for my Trader Joe’s Healthy Haul! This is what I get every time I grocery shop at Trader Joes! I shop there for healthy, affordable organic grocery shopping – at it’s best!

We live 2 hours away from the nearest Trader Joe’s, so when I get to stop by – it is a rare treat!

I definitely make sure I have car space and stock up on my absolute favorite Trader Joe’s items. I just don’t have any other grocery store close to me that has such amazing healthy and affordable organic foods.

Let me know what you like to get at Trader Joe’s! Are any of these your favorites too?



They have an amazing selection of crackers and chips!

I often grab a variety of tortilla chips there, because they have such clean ingredients. It is usually only the grain, oil and salt. I know the oils could be healthier, but when we need chips for taco salads, soups, etc. – these are the healthiest options I have found.

I love the organic corn chip dippers. They are so yummy with salsa, chili, or a warm corn dip. Yum!

My hubs particularly loves the sweet plantain chips. He served a mission in Peru and they always ate plantains, so it is a bit nostalgic for him.

I love to splurge on some pita bite crackers – especially if I am grabbing some hummus from Trader Joe’s.

And a wonderful cracker snack for the kids are these sweet potato crackers. They are mini bite yum yums!


Trader Joe’s has an amazing variety of cheese! We love to grab a block of some kind of cheese we have never tried, but I always, ALWAYS grab these herb and oil marinated fresh mozzarella bites. Oh, they are delicious! They would be great to throw on a charcuterie boards too.

Trader Joe's cheese


We source local farm meat, but you’ll find a ton of organic chicken, beef and pork at Trader Joe’s for very good prices. I always grab some deli meat and uncured turkey bacon. Both are incredible and a step better than most grocery store deli meats and bacon. Stock up and store them in the freezer!


I didn’t grab a ton from the frozen aisle this time, but I did see hash browns for a great price – so I grabbed a bunch of those!

Trader Joe's Hashbrowns


Chocolate is in beautiful abundance at Trader Joe’s! My favorites consist of:

  • Cocoa powder (such a great price!)
  • 72% dark chocolate chips (about half the cost of my local grocery store!)
  • Pound plus chocolate bar (a super sized bar of dark chocolate! It is great for melting and dipping strawberries or used for baking.)


Hands down – Trader Joe’s has the best selection of tortellini and ravioli! There is so much variety! I love to throw these in butternut soups, or make a fresh basil sauce in the summer and pour on some of these with grilled chicken. I buy as many as I can and store them in the freezer. They last a long time!

Trader Joe's pasta


You’ll find a great bread selection at Trader Joe’s. My recent favorite product is the whole wheat lavash bread. It has very few clean ingredients and they are great to make a quick wrap for dinner, or use it similar to a pizza crust and top with all sorts of yummy meats and veggies and broil. It’s a quick dinner for busy nights!

Trader Joe's lavish bread


Snack foods are in abundance at Trader Joe’s! Some of my favorites I grab are:

  • Organic popcorn – such a good price!
  • Hummus dips – they have so many amazing flavors! My kids will even eat these, especially with all our crackers that we buy with them.
  • Nuts – their cashews are a great price and they have so many nuts to choose from.
  • Brown rice cakes – I have a hard time finding brown rice cakes where I live, so I’ll grab a few options when I am there. We are loving these rice thins we tried this time.


A stop to Trader Joe’s is a great time to fill the pantry with commonly used items. Here is what I always stock up on in the canned and bottles sections:

  • Organic stock – we usually home make this, but I do run out occasionally or forget to thaw our freezer stash when I need it. So I’ll grab quite a few of their stocks.
  • Cooking sprays – go for the healthier options like coconut oil spray, avocado, or olive oil spray. I try to not use these very much, but my waffle iron does a lot better if we give it a quick spray.
  • I love their coconut milks and creams in the can! The prices are great!
  • Pure maple syrup – such a used item in our home and it can be so pricey! I really need to find where to buy it in 5 gallon buckets, but until then – Trader Joe’s or Sam’s Club has the best prices I can find.
  • Balsamic vinegars and glazes – they have a beautiful selection and I always keep some on hand!


Last, but certainly not least – you have to grab yourself a treat for the ride home! These mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups are irresistible! They melt so fast, which tells me they don’t have that chemical agent in them that most chocolate candy has to make it “not melt in your hands”. They just taste so yummy!!

Trader Joe's peanut butter cups mini

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I always pick up from Trader Joe’s! Of course I like to try new things, and this store feels a bit like a treasure hunt, so tell me what treasures you find when you go!


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  1. Maybe you already found a place, but I love the ‘Maple Dudes’ maple syrup in Wisconsin (no chemicals, just doesn’t have the ‘organic’ certification when I asked them). They have a 5 gallon option that I buy!