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Go ahead and drool, dream, and desire a place where all your tools are organized and easily accessible . . . then go out and create one!  Sharing our garage tool storage and organization ideas to get you started.

garage tool storage and organization ideas

*This post is sponsored by RYOBI.  When I asked my man “why are most of your tools green?” he replied without hesitation – “I’m a RYOBI man.”  True story!  So giddy excited to be sharing these ideas for you with a company we adore.

**This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you!

So you saw how we created a wall of storage cabinets for our garage, right?  And you saw that we shared the building plans so you could make them too, right?  Did you also see our garage when we moved in and before we painted the walls?

Garage storage cabinets

Well now the real fun begins!  (At least for me).

We are diving into the insides of the cabinets and super organizing them the right way so we can manageably keep a clean, tidy and organized garage like we’ve always hoped for.  We’ve got 1 cabinet down and 3 more to go, and I am excited to share the up-close-and-personal view of how we organized my mans tools to suit his current needs and to be adaptable enough for him as his arsenal of tools grow.

Let’s take a peek, shall we?

garage tool storage and organization ideas

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Now, lest I offend, I have to say this tool cabinet could be suited perfectly for a DIY lovin’ guy or gal.  Just so happens in this house, Mr. TIDBITS works with all the power tools and I much prefer it to be that way.  I got way more cool things to do 😉

But I’ve been around the DIY block enough to know that many women could give my handsome builder man a run for his money when it comes to woodworking, fixin’ and DIY.  He or she – if the look of this organized tool cabinet makes you drool – well get to it!

tool storage in garage cabinets

Or perhaps you are living with a tool obsessed person and you would much rather their “collections” not be anywhere and everywhere.  Go ahead and send them this link 😉

We thought long and hard about how to work the insides of this cabinet.  Get more details into the building of the shelves and compartments HERE, but today I want to show you how it all came together.

ryobi power tools organization

There is a perfect spot for all his RYOBI drills, sander and other power tools – quick and easy to grab, charge and put away.

power tools and storage

He seems to be under the mentality that you can never have enough clamps, so he notched out some wood to make a spot for them to hang with room to add more.

tool storage and organization

We knew his working hours here mostly happen at night after his day job, so we added some simple battery powered light switches inside the cupboard.  Just sticks right to the wall.

clamp organization

Never again will we wonder where all the tape went and his favorite selection of screw drivers are just a reach away.

storage for tape and tools

The thing that drove us both crazy were all the old buckets of small tools, screws, and bits of who-knows-what that floated around our garage since forever!  It was an absolute must to provide him some small parts organizers to sort and store all those small pieces.

small parts organizers

He hasn’t even filled all these containers up yet, but it feels good to know that he will have a place to put all the small items when he needs them.

tool organization
small parts organizer

The tool boxes he has filled by themes, with all his Kreg Tools in one handy place.

Kreg Jig set in toolbox

We knew a big deep shelf was needed for his RYOBI cordless wet/dry vac and he keeps a large toolbox empty for when he needs to fill it and take to a job away from our home.  An empty toolbox is almost as useful as a full one!

Now lets take a look at what he decided to store on the doors themselves.  We wanted to make the most of this space!

On one side, he wanted a place to quickly grab his extension cord, which he uses all the time.  Also a place for shop rags to wipe down surfaces or his hands.

garage tool storage and organization ideas

On the other door, we decided we needed some pegboard to store hanging baskets and hooks for things like levels, hammers, measuring tapes, etc.

garage tool storage and organization ideas

His frequently used items are quick and easy to grab.

baskkets on pegboard

That wraps up the garage tool storage and organization cabinet, and now we are planning and mapping out ways to put together the others to store household items, outdoor toys and automotive supplies – among other odds and ends.  I hope to have some more garage organization to share soon!

garage tool storage and organization ideas

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!  I’d love to hear what part of this tool organization you liked best, or perhaps what would you have done differently.


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*Also find RYOBI Tools at Home Depot.

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  1. What company did you use for the screw / bolt hardware and where did you order them from (the plastic boxes with the clear lids)

  2. Just seeing this post and this is exactly what I need for our garage….thanks for the inspiration! I’m also in the same boat with buckets of small parts…what type of small parts organizer did you use — looks like a good size with some large compartments – -I’d love to know. If I’m going to build this, I might as well go all the way! Thanks again for the great post and ideas.

  3. Love this! Where did you get the multi-compartment boxes for all the bits and pieces? I’d love a few of them for our random nails and screws and such!

  4. I LOVE THIS! Question: did you make the holder for the drills and such or did you purchase them. Those are exactly the type of thing I’m look for on my work bench!

  5. I have to agree with the Craftsman tools. I own a pretty good set and I can count on one hand the number of sockets I’ve broken. I do seem to wear out Philips screw drivers and I don’t use my flat screw drivers prying open cans like Jason does……. Most of my Craftsman stuff is 30-40 years old and still in fine shape and will probably go to my grandkids. For the price, they are hard to beat. Sears stores are everywhere and I’ve never had a hassle returning tools for replacement on the few occassions I’ve needed to do that.

    Be sure to read the “lifetime” warranty clause for the tool closely. Most have to be returned to the manufacturer (most likely in China) if you can still find the company in 4-5 years when a tool breaks. Note whether there is an actual address for that company on the package for that tool. I doubt that Lowes or HD will hand you a new one off the shelf at any of their locations even a couple of days after you bought it.

  6. I’m confused about the “building of the shelves and compartments” link. It does take you to Ryobi, but not to your project. There are 318 garage storage options, and when I put Tidbits in the search engine, it says “not found”. Help! Inquiring minds with messy workshops gotta know! ?

  7. Wow….I would to have all the tools in one space. The best thin g is that u can take these cabinets and use them at another house…right?

  8. This looks amazing! Yes, you were right. It is drool worthy! For my DIY guy he seems to know where everything is…but I need clear direction like you have on display! My sewing room is THIS organized!!!

    Job well done! It is truly a labor of love and now is a place of labor! 😉
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. I think I’m in love! What a fabulous storage cabinet. I can only dream of organization like this, as it seem a I spend more time looking for what I need then the jobs take to do. Can you possibly rent out Mr. Tidbits??

  10. Amazingly beautiful!! How do you start? I look at my husbands tools and immediately feel so overwhelmed. How do you even begin to organize a space like that?