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Let me first warn you, this is a show off post (then again, what blogging post isn’t?)  I have way more pictures than needed to show you this costume. It’s possible only the grandma’s will appreciate it.  Lets just say I couldn’t decided on which ones to post.
The official 5 year old title of the costume this year is actually “Witch Princess”.
That was the request, so I made a glamorous witch costume.  A nice break from the Disney Princess’s.
The design is original, because I just couldn’t find any patterns I liked.  Well, mostly because it’s so much more rewarding to design it yourself any way.
She seems to love it.  (I do too!)
Unfortunately, for you, I got way into designing it I only snapped a few pictures of the process.  Thus, lacking significantly in a productive tutorial.  So sorry.
Hopefully it will serve as an inspiration for anyone looking for that sort of thing 😉
She makes one cute witch princess, wouldn’t you say?  And just ignore the flip flops – I completely forgot about footwear.
But she is sure to get a lot of candy with this costume.
I couldn’t resist throwing in a picture of where we took the pictures.  It’s in my hometown which is near a canyon.  I’ve always loved this road, however, while I was on a run through it the other day all I could think about was the so called Mountain Lion spottings in that area.  Let me tell you, I spooked myself out then.  Which is what made me think it would be perfect for photographing a witch.
And, solely for spooky sake –
A vintage twist.
Kinda creepy.

And if you didn’t think that was way too many pictures of one kid in a costume, wait until you see my other children . . .

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  1. I think the design is elegant and unique. Great job!! Can't wait to see the rest! (Can you make me one? jk!)

  2. How cute! I look forward to seeing that witch princess at my front door on Halloween. We can help fill up her treat bag.