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A good friend of mine requested some aprons for her 2 little girls. Well, I fell in love with this fabric from Joann’s and couldn’t wait to turn it into little aprons. I’ve used this tutorial in this past post, but thought I would revamp the pattern and share my own tutorial.

I changed the apron to be much more child friendly. Your kid will be able to put this on and take it off completely on their own. Something I wish I would have done with my girls aprons.

It will make them very happy.

Unless you request a bunch of pictures.

Then you’ll never know what kind of reaction you’ll get.


Update as of November 2014

Because there has been so much interest (in this extremely outdated post), I decided it was time for a make-over!  A big one!

Due to popular request, I have taken this apron pattern and perfected it, and made it available to you through PDF download, where you can print the actual pattern as well as have detailed instructions and pictures to guide you through.

It comes with 5 sizes to choose from, suited for approximate ages from 2-12.  Also, added to this pattern is the ability to adapt it to 6 different styles!
And because so many of you asked, there is also the option for a limited use “Rights to Sell”.
I am so excited to finally be able to bring this baby to life!  I truly hope it will be of help to many of you!
To read more about it, go here to the updated post.
To buy your pattern, head over to the Make it and Love it Pattern Shop.
Thanks!  And enjoy!

To make the Chef Hats, follow this tutorial. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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  1. I know this is an old tutorial, but I just used it to make my daughter an apron and it is so darling. I scaled it down even more because she is only 15 months but she loves cooking and now she loves her apron. Thanks!

  2. Great pattern, my 6 yr old and I made it over the course of a couple sewing sessions. The only thing I would do differently is a longer waist strap, so it could be tied in a bow.<br />

  3. Fantastic pattern, just made two aprons with cupcake pockets for a sale at my church to raise funds for our beautiful organ to be repaired. I think I may be making a few more for my friends children! Thank you so much.<br />

  4. What a super easy pattern. I&#39;ll make this for my grandson who just loves helping me in the kitchen. Thank you.

  5. So the photos have the waist tie being really long, then the end photo where you attach the velco, they look super short- whats going on there?

  6. So cute!<br />I made it for my friend&#39;s daughter.<br />Next,I would like to make to my daughter. <br />

  7. I just found this and LOVE it! SO CUTE! My friend&#39;s daughter will be getting an adorable apron this Christmas, thanks to you.

  8. Just made this for my 2-year old. Getting her a kitchen for her birthday, and thought she needed an apron 🙂 LOVE how it turned out!!! thanks for a super easy tutorial!!

  9. I love this apron tutorial! I am pretty new to sewing and the instructions and pictures were so clear and helpful! I got the apron done in 3 hours and it looks wonderful! Definitely making more for gifts

  10. I just finished making one of these. Your ruffle method is wonderful! I&#39;ve never had just perfect ruffles. Thank you!

  11. Very cute! I just made an apron for my niece from that same lemon fabric – I guess it was calling to be an apron!<br /><br />Dani

  12. Such a darling pattern and excellent instructions! I completed one this afternoon and will be gifting it to an adopted Christmas angel.<br /><br />Becky

  13. Thanks for the great instuctions. I will have to make this project as well. I love how you also made it possible for these aprons to fit multiple sizes of kids. Really helps save money if you don&#39;t have to go out and get a new one every time they go through a grown spurt.

  14. Those are adorable. I love the adjustable neckline, I never would have thought of that. Thanks for the ruffle tip, I&#39;ll give it a try next time I dare to ruffle.

  15. Cute!!! I have been planning on making an apron for my daughter and I bookmarked this so I can come back to it! Thanks!

  16. I love these! I have that same fabric that I want to make an apron out of. I love how you have a lined apron! Great 🙂